ERTMS – Engineering Guidelines

This document contains the Engineering Guidelines for ERTMS Level 2 lines. The purpose of the document is to ensure standardisation of signaling system layouts, to support cost and resource efficiency in the engineering process.

Engineering of ERTMS lines shall be based on the principles given in this document, and different solutions shall be evaluated to support the following needs:

  1. Provide necessary capacity (existing and future time table if available)
  2. Provide robustness to the time table
  3. Unified operational conditions (standardisation as far as reasonable)
  4. Resource efficient in regard to Life Cycle Cost (don’t build more than needed)

The document is updated on an regular basis, so please ensure that you use the latest version of the document. Questions related to understanding of the principles given in the document or proposals for improvements to the document can be sent to: Engineering Guidelines ERTMS.