Bane NOR is planning the construction of a new double-track from Kleverud to Åkersvika in Stange municipality, a section of approximately 30 kilometres. The project also includes building of a three kilometer long tunnel from Kleverud to Espa, a 1070 meter long Tangenvika railway bridge and a new station at Tangen. At Stange the station will bee significantly upgraded.

You are welcome to reed more about the railway project Kleverud-Sørli-Åkersvika by using this link: Read more about the project

The project is using model-based-design and BIM-enabled software. You can read more about it here: 3D-modelling/BIM

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This is the animated films of the project:
Animated film Kleverud-Sørli
Animated film Sørli-Åkersvika

The contract strategy comprises both the new double-track from Kleverud-Sørli and the following section Sørli-Åkersvika. In the south, the route is connected to the completed double track section at Kleverud, which was opened in 2015. In the north, the new line will be connected to the existing Dovrebanen. The work will be organised in contracts as outlined in the below figure. 

Contract strategy.jpg
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This is the different contracts in the project

KS-1 The Hestnes tunnel
EPC contract including substructure work from Kleverud to Espa and construction of Hestnestunnelen (The Hestnes tunnel).

KS-2 Tangenvika Railway bridge
EPC contract including substructure work from Espa to Furnesbakken and construction of Tangenvika Railway bridge.

KSÅ-3 Furnesbakken-Stange 
EPC contract including substructure work from Furnesbakken to Stange station, including Stange station and construction of new Tangen station, and re-construction of Stange station.

SÅ-4 Stange Åkersvika
EPC contract including substructure work from Stange station to Åkersvika.

KSÅ-5 Advisor/Engineering contract
Contract signed with Sweco Norge AS 16th March 2021.

KSÅ-6 Railway technic works including Tracks and OCL

KSÅ-7 Railway technic works including Electrical power and Telecommunication


Announced and ongoing competitions

KS-1 The Hestnes tunnel. Prequalification is completed.  Contract signing is planned November 2021.

KS-2 Tangenvika Railway bridge. Invitation to participate in the dialog phase is sent to the prequalified bidders.


Planned Competitions

KSÅ-3 Furnesbakken-Stange. Invitation to pre-qualification is planned 1st quarter 2022.

SÅ-4 Stange-Åkersvika. Invitation to pre-qualification is planned 1st quarter 2022.

SÅ-24 Preparatory work Stange north. Invitation to pre-qualification is planned summer 2021.



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Contact information 

Please let us know if you have questions regarding the contracts. 

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Project Manager
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Contract / Supplier Relations
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