ERTMS National Implementation

Norway has committed to the implementation of ERTMS on its national railway network. Bane NOR has a goal of introducing the new signalling system on the main railway lines and Oslo S within 2030.

The driving force for introducing ERTMS is the need for renewal of the existing signalling systems. Most of today's relay-based systems will reach the end of their design life during the project’s timescale. As the signalling equipment ages, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain, and reliability will decrease.

Bane NOR's ERTMS National Implementation Plan, a high level description of the programme for signalling renewal, suggests a sequential roll out of ERTMS Level 2 Baseline 3 base on several factors:

  • age of current signalling systems
  • the need to eliminate railway sections without interlockings
  • the need for equipping new railway lines with modern signalling systems (including Class B systems)
  • a desire for early deployment of a country-wide Traffic Management System (TMS)

ERTMS Onboard
The implementation of ERTMS requires fitting around 550 vehicles, of approximately 56 different types, with ERTMS equipment. All vehicles will also be provided with STM units to ensure that they can operate on existing lines during the migration period.

In order to facilitate the transition to ERTMS and reduce the economic impact on Rail Vehicle Owners (RVOs), the Norwegian government has introduced a financial aid scheme for the implementation of ERTMS on rolling stock.

RVOs can read more about the Financial Aid Scheme on this website.

The ERTMS programme includes procuring and implementing a new Traffic Management System (TMS) covering the whole railway network. The TMS will replace three existing systems, but it will have an interface with the existing systems during the migration period.

The current GSM-R network will be used for communication between trains and signalling infrastructure.

A significant investment
The total cost of the Norwegian ERTMS implementation programme is estimated to be between € 1.7 and 2.2 billion. In June 2015 the Norwegian governtment approved the ERTMS investment on its revised National Budget.

For the period 2014-2023, a total of € 750 million (NOK 6 billion) has been allocated to the implementation of ERTMS in the government’s National Transportation Plan. The Norwegian implementation plan is not based on receiving any EU subsidies.

Railway interoperability already exists between Norway and Sweden. Nevertheless ERTMS will be executed in accordance with EU’s technical specification for interoperability, control-command and signalling (TSI CCS), as part of Norway’s engagement with the European Economic Community.

Norway’s implementation of ERTMS shall be synchronized with the current Swedish ERTMS plan in order to ensure continued interoperability.

If you want to contact the management at the ERTMS project, please follow this link.