The Norwegian National Signalling Plan has been updated

A significant proportion of the signalling systems on the Norwegian railway network are nearing the end of their life expectancy. This is an overall plan for the renewal of the signalling systems and the implementation of the common European signalling system, ERTMS.

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år.

ERTMS sign at Kråkstad Station on the pilot line, Østfoldbanen Østre linje. Photo: Liv Tone Otterholt

Three years have passed since the National Signalling Plan was updated last. The following year, Bane NOR entered three system contracts with the suppliers for the new digital signalling system, European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). For the passenger, ERTMS means a more stable railway with higher punctuality, increased safety, and, in the long run, more capacity.

The National Signalling Plan is based on an assessment of Bane NOR's total need for signalling systems on the national railway network, as well as the implementation capacity of the ERTMS Programme. The plan indicates when ERTMS will be completed on the various line sections. It also indicates which projects must be realised with Class B systems, temporary signalling systems, and when these will be migrated to ERTMS later.

More railway for the money

Sverre Kjenne, Chief Operating Officer at Bane NOR, says that the biggest changes in the signalling plan are due to changed dates for the completion of major development projects, such as the line Ringeriksbanen, and plans for the InterCity (IC) project.

“Another important driver has been the reduction in cost when building ERTMS directly without installing temporary signalling systems. For example, on the line section Kleverud – Åkersvika, a temporary signalling system was planned, but now we are implementing ERTMS because the completion date for the project has been postponed” Kjenne explains.

Complex dependencies

“Bane NOR ensures a technological change of pace where former railway operations are upgraded with the help of solutions for the future. The National Signalling Plan provides guidelines for Norway's railway several years ahead. There are many complex dependencies we need to consider. These matters are considered in the updated plan, and we assert that the solutions recommended are the best ones for the passengers, our customers, and Bane NOR” says Kjenne.

The plan is based on the need for renewal of signalling systems and coordinates this with other needs such as: the need for technical barriers on sections that are not currently remotely controlled, construction of new infrastructure, speed of vehicle conversion to ERTMS and training of personnel.


You can download the National Signalling Plan below👇