First in Europe!

In November, Bane NOR became the first infrastructure manager in Europe to implement the new European standard for interfaces between the traffic management system and signalling system.

Magnus Pedersen works at the ERTMS test lab. Photo: Liv Tone Otterholt, Bane NOR.

“Our technical experts have been working with this since 2014 and have been emphasizing the idea that the interfaces must be standardized. We are really helping to put the railway industry on the right track towards a modern market with future-oriented solutions. We are very proud of that”, says Lars Jorde, who heads the ERTMS programme in Bane NOR.

Must standardize

The new digital signalling system European Rail Traffic Management (ERTMS) needs to be developed and tested before it is implemented, first on Nordlandsbanen from Grong to Bodø in October 2022, and Gjøvikbanen from Roa to Gjøvik only a few weeks later.

“An essential part of this renewal is standardization. Today we have 336 signalling systems with more than 15 different variants. With ERTMS, we get one system for the entire Norwegian railway. It will be both easier and cheaper to maintain, which in turn will give us more railway for the money”, says Jorde.

Lars Jorde, Programme Director of the ERTMS Programme in Bane NOR, at the test lab on Campus Nyland. Photo: Liv Tone Otterholt, Bane NOR.

In Norway, we have chosen three different suppliers: Alstom for the system aboard the train, the signalling system along the track is supplied by Siemens, and Thales provides the traffic management system. We are now working on implementing the European standard for interfaces between the systems together with the suppliers. In november, we became the first in Europe to successfully implement the standardised interface between the traffic management system and the signalling system.

“Thales together with Siemens designed and implemented the new SCI-CC interfaces between Thales TMS (Traffic Management System) and Siemens IXL and RBC systems. This was done together with Bane NOR under the scope of Bane NOR ERTMS National Implementation Programme and following EULYNX recommendations. This is a totally new solution for the market, which will bring major benefits to the entire railway community. Thales is very happy and proud of this achievement and will continue to promote the collaboration with all other partners towards a more open and transparent interfaces on the Railway industry”, says Yves Joannic, Vice President Thales Main Line Signalling.

A railway revolution

EULYNX is a European initiative from 13 different European infrastructure managers, including SBB, Deutsche Bahn and Bane NOR. The aim is to develop a standardised interface between the subsystems in ERTMS, in short: how the systems should talk to each other technically.

Standardised interfaces make it easier to replace subsystems that, for example, have a shorter service life, instead of having to replace the entire system. We also avoid monopolies in special areas, and this means better competition between suppliers.