The Digital Railway – Bane NOR signs contract with Thales

Bane NOR has awarded Thales with the contract for a new software solution for train traffic management. The system should provide more reliable and accurate management of the traffic and is an important step in the entire modernization of the railway.

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år.

The new system for remote management of train traffic is part of Bane NOR’s 20 billion kroner investment to modernize the railway over the next ten years (Photo: Hilde Lillejord/Bane NOR)

The contract for the development of the remote management system TMS (Traffic Management System) is work approximately 600 million kroner.  The solution will replace three outdated systems and help improve the handling of deviations and fewer delays.

The investment is a significant and important step in the Norwegian rail revolution.  Bane NOR will over the course of a decade, invest more than 20 billion kroner in the digitalization and automation of the railway.  This will be done through Bane NOR’s implementation of ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System), and Norway will be a leader in the use of digital technology in the rail industry. 

ERTMS is the European standard for train management.  This standard simplifies the infrastructure by moving signals from the side of the tracks and into the trains themselves through continuous communication with the central computers.  A train with ERTMS should be able to ride on every single train line in Europe that is built according to this standard.

Many major milestones will occur during the first half of 2018.  In addition to the TMS contract, two more contracts will be signed during the spring.  One contract is for the renewal of the signaling system along the entire rail network, while the other handles the replacement of the trains’ control systems for the ERTMS computer.

“Awarding the TMS contract is a meaningful and important step forward in the modernization of the railway.  We have high expectations for Thales’ ability to work with us in developing an increasingly more reliable and accurate system for managing train traffic” says Bane NOR Executive Vice President of Digitalisation and Technology, Sverre Kjenne.

Thales has over 100 years of history in Norway and delivered multiple solutions for Bane NOR.  The Thales group has 64,000 employees in 56 countries and 145 billion kroner in revenue in 2016.

“Bane NOR has high ambitions, and desires to be a world leader in the digitalization of the railway.  We are very happy to ensure this with the world’s most modern TMS system.  The solution will improve the trains’ punctuality and ensure the mobility of people and goods across the country.  Together we will ensure the development of the rail network and assist in Norway’s further economic development and digitalization”, says Yves Joannic, Thales VP Main Line Signalling.

“Thales is happy for the show of confidence through being chosen as the contractor of this central component in the digitalization of the Norwegian rail.  There is a trust I am certain we will prove ourselves worthy of.  As a driving force in digitalization, Thales is thankful for the opportunity to help Bane NOR achieve their mission in society,” says Tom Tuhus, CEO Thales Norway.

After a 14 day appeal period, the contract was signed by both parties on March 12, 2018.