Bane NOR awards two ERTMS Contracts

During a Bane NOR management meeting on March 14th, management awarded the contract for a new digital signaling system to Siemens and the contract for digital train equipment to Alstom.

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år.

Awarding two new contracts from Bane NOR. Eivind Skorstad, Project Director ERTMS, Gjermund Blom-Hagen, Project Manager Onboard, and Kai-Tore Rønold, Project Manager Trackside (Photo: Siri Lied-Endresen).

The contract for supplying a new digital signaling system (Trackside) is worth 5,5 billion kroner and awarded to Siemens.  In addition, Alstom won the contract for supplying the onboard equipment (Onboard), and is worth approximately 2 billion.

With these contracts, Bane NOR continues the modernization and digitalization of the railway.

Trackside Contract

Now the signaling system is digital.  The signals are no longer attached to poles on the side of the tracks, and moved to computer screens aboard the trains.  Every rail station in the country and ever single train will be affected by this change.

It is a challenge to handle and maintain multiple and aging signaling systems that date from all the way back to the 1950s.  Components are outdated and difficult to replace. The new system will be put into place in just over ten years.

Onboard Contract

This contract delivers ERTMS equipment for trains, locomotives, and work machines.  The solution will replace the current control system in trains owned by fourteen different rail companies.

The contracts are coordinated by Bane NOR on behalf of participating rail vehicle companies.  The delivery includes system development, design and retrofitting of approximately 400 vehicles owned by Norske Tog, Cargonet, Flytoget, Bane NOR among others.  The fourteen companies will now enter into independent contract with Alstom for ERTMS delivery specific to their types of vehicle.

Investing 20 billion over 10 years

The investment is a significant and important step in the Norwegian rail revolution.  Bane NOR will over the course of a decade, invest more than 20 billion kroner in the digitalization and automation of the railway.  This will be done through Bane NOR’s implementation of ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System), and Norway will be a leader in the use of digital technology in the rail industry. 

ERTMS is the European standard for train management.  This standard simplifies the infrastructure by moving signals from the side of the tracks and into the trains themselves through continuous communication with the central computers.  A train with ERTMS should be able to ride on every single train line in Europe that is built according to this standard. The retrofitting of trains could also make automatic driving of trains a possibility in the future.