Alstom to deliver ERTMS onboard equipment

On Friday, May 25th, Bane NOR signed three contracts with Alstom for the delivery of onboard equipment for passenger, freight and work trains that will operate on ERTMS train lines in Norway. The rail vehicle owners were represented by Norske tog.

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år.

Børge Lillehagen (Ass. Project Manager Onboard, Bane NOR), Carl Åge Bjørgan (MD Alstom Transport Norway AS), Gorm Frimannslund (CEO, Bane NOR), Didier Lapalus (Project Director Alstom), Sverre Kjenne (Program Director ERTMS, Bane NOR), Iren Marugg (Legal Director Norske tog AS), Rob Whyte (Managing Director of Nordics,Alstom SA), Gjermund Blom-Hagen (Project Manager Onboard, Bane NOR) and Knut Andreas Myklebust (Contract Manager ERTMS, Bane NOR. Photo: Ragnhild Aagesen/Bane NOR

On behalf of 14 rail vehicle owners, Bane NOR has negotiated an agreement with Alstom for the delivery of onboard equipment.  The agreement includes system development, design and the retrofitting of more than 400 trains and work trains owned by Bane NOR, Norske tog, CargoNet, Flytoget, NSB and nine other companies with varying amounts of locomotives and work trains (see information).Rob Whyte, Managing Director of Nordics, Alstom SA and Iren Marugg, Legal Director Norske tog AS. Photo: Ragnhild Aagesen/Bane NOR.

The rail vehicle owners were represented by Norske tog, who signed a contract for the retrofitting of 274 trains, the largest of the contracts for onboard equipment with Alstom, worth 665 million Norwegian kroner.

Bane NOR entered into three contracts with Alstom on Friday:

  • GA Phase Contract (General Application) covers the development and testing of onboard equipment, as well as the installation of three test trains. This contract has a value of approximately 300 million Norwegian kroner.
  • SA Phase Contract (Specific Applications) includes the retrofitting of Bane NOR’s work trains, worth just over 200 million Norwegian kroner.
  • Coordination Phase Contract connects Alstom’s responsibility for timely retrofitting with the dates each rail line transitions to ERTMS, to ensure that each line has a sufficient amount of retrofitted trains for operation. This contract is worth 50 million Norwegian kroner.

Each rail vehicle owner will enter into independent contracts with Alstom for the delivery of onboard equipment. This will occur at a joint signing ceremony on Tuesday, June 5.

The contracts have a combined value of 1.8 billion Norwegian Kroner.

All trains will be retrofitted in Norway, primarily at Bane NOR Eiendom’s workshops in Grorud and Marienborg. The first trains will be completely retrofitted in conjunction with the opening of the first ERTMS line at the end of 2021, and all trains should be ready for operation when the rail network completes the transition to ERTMS in 2026.


Rail vehicle owners

  • Bane NOR Transport
  • Baneservice AS
  • Beacon Rail Finance (Europe) Ltd
  • BLS Rail AG
  • CargoNet AS
  • Flytoget AS
  • Grenland Rail AS
  • Leonhard-Weiss GmbH
  • Nordic Re-Finance AB
  • Norsk Jernbanedrift AS
  • Norske tog AS
  • NSB AS
  • Railcare T AB
  • Speno International SA