Please contact us if you have questions regarding contract and procurement in Bane NOR.

  • For common questions, please contact Procurement Manager, Cathrine Loennecken
  • For questions regarding a specific procurement section please contact the supervising Category Manager
  • For questions regarding orders please contact  


Cathrine Loennecken
Procurement Manager
Claes Halvardsson
Category Advisor Engineering and Advisory Services
Morten Sigvardsen
Category Manager Substructure and Constructions
Pierre Sjöman
Category Manager Railway Technique / Constructions
Atle Berg
Category Manager Consultants, Hiring and Administrative Services
Kristian Falkgård
Category Manager IT

The Infrastructure Construction Division

Martin Rosenlund
Director Contract and Supplier Relations

Real Estate

Petter Heide Larsen
Section Manager Procurement and Contract

Railway Goods and Maintenance

Christian Rennesund
Logistics Manager