Submitting an invoice

We require electronic invoices and credit notes issued using the Norwegian state’s standard commerce format, EHF.

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Business register number

Bane NOR SF’s business register number is 917 082 308

If you are still unable to issue invoices via EHF, you can send your invoice via e-mail to

Invoices need to contain the following information

  • valid invoice reference
  • purchase order number in the OrderReference field (8 digits, starting with 1, 5 or 8)

Your reference

If there is no purchase order number, you need to enter your reference in the BuyerReference field.

Your reference will be the resource number (six digits) or name of the person placing the order.

The invoice must also include

  • contract number
  • project name or A and T invoice number if available.
    This information can be entered into the notes field so that it is visible on the invoice screen.

If you include an invoice display copy, this must always be set to the “Commercial invoice” value.

Timekeeping for employees

Hired in Bane NOR must register their hours in our Agresso system, and have their time sheets approved before invoicing. Approved time lists in Agresso must be used as the basis for invoicing from the consultancy and must agree with the number of invoiced hours. Download guides:

Messaging provider and access point

We use Basware AS as our partner. They act as our access point and transmit transactions from our suppliers to our business systems.