About us

Bane NOR is responsible for operating, maintaining and building the railways in Norway. We are responsible for the infrastructure on the railway throughout the country.

A person is showing a presentation on a screen. Four people are in the room.

Our biggest assets is the people working here, our collective competence and the strong commitment to making the railway better. Photo: Øivind Haug, Bane NOR

This is Bane NOR

  • We are a state enterprise, owned by the Norwegian State through the Ministry of Transport, and established as part of the Railway Reform on 1 January 2017.
  • We are responsible for the Norwegian rail infrastructure. Bane NOR is in charge of operations, maintenance and construction of railways throughout the country.
  • This includes 4200 kilometres of tracks, 335 stations and stops and more than 4300 properties.
  • We have a staff of 3 400 employees, and our main office is located in Oslo.
  • Bane NOR adheres to the Norwegian Code of Practice for good corporate governance.
  • We are organised into five divisions, each responsible for its own business areas: 
    1. Operations and Technology
    2. Construction
    3. Customer and Market
    4. Track operation
    5. Property
  • Four staff units have a professional responsibility across the divisions:
    1. HR and Organisation
    2. Corporate Governance
    3. Communication and Public Relations
    4. Safety and Quality
  • Bane NOR strives towards an inclusive and diverse work environment.