Model of the Norwegian national rail network

The digital model of the Norwegian national rail network is available for download. Included in the infrastructure is an operational representation of elements that form a route.

Snippet of the model (screendump)Available formats

The model is in the open standard format railML® 2.2. The model can also be delivered on request in railML® 1.0, IVT Treno database and line extraction and in Opentrack format of the newest version We also provide Norwegian rolling stock and timetables in railML® 2.2 format on request.

Download and edit

The model will be maintained and developed continuously. Planned future infrastructure will be added over time. These will be published here at regular intervals. Party of interest can download the model files free of charge with unlimited rights to edit, develop and distribute according to the requirements. The Norwegian national rail administration is not responsible for any errors or shortcomings in the reproduction of the infrastructure or for correct implementation in Opentrack in the models.


Please direct your questions or requests for further data to:

Torben Brand
Railway Capacity Engineer