How to become a supplier

Do you want to become a supplier to Bane NOR? Here you can find information abut how you should proceed.

Published: 16. February 2023 klokken 10:05


You can register in the supplier registration and pre-qualification system, TransQ(opens in a new tab), at any time. To you must complete an order form and pay in advance an annual qualification fee ranging.

The order form with qualification requirements can be obtained here, or contact TransQ for more information. TransQ is operated by Achilles Information AB. It can take up 4 weeks behov new tender is registered in TransQ. Achilles Information AB also notice the TransQ procurement annualy.

The supplier must update the supplier information annually.

The bidders lists will be based on suppliers that have passed the initial qualification. Additional qualifications may be required.


Doffin(opens in a new tab) is the national portal wich publishes procurement notices. The portal helps public athorities to publish notices according to the provisions, and make it easily for the suppliers to fint relevant procurements in public sector.

TED(opens in a new tab) is the european portal wich publishes procurement notices over the threshold values defined by EU.

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Published: 16. February 2023 klokken 10:05