ERTMS - Engineering Guidelines

Guidelines for Engineering of new ERTMS signalling systems for the Norwegian railway network, Level 2 stretches.

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The aim of the documents is to ensure standardized design of the new signaling system, in order to achieve cost efficiency and efficient use of resources in the design process.

The design of ERTMS should follow the principles given in the document, and any deviating solutions should be assessed considering whether they support the following:

  1. Provide sufficient capacity (according to the existing and future timetable plans)
  2. Provide robustness to the timetable
  3. Uniform operational conditions (as far as is practically possible)
  4. Resource efficiency with respect to lifecycle costs (do not build more than the need dictates)

The documents are updated regularly, be sure to use the latest version available on this page.

Engineering Guidelines ERTMS

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