Approval scheme for safety functions

The approval scheme for companies that provide personnel with safety functions shall serve as a countermeasure for the increased number of incidents in which safety functions have been involved.

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Only companies that hold a valid approval through this scheme are permitted to carry out work for safety functions as either a contractor or subcontractor for Bane NOR.

It may be the case that valid approval through the Approval Scheme could be listed as a qualification requirement in any tender competitions and contract requirements in which safety functions are included.

Commencement of the Approval Scheme

The Approval Scheme will enter into force from the 15th March 2022, for ongoing contracts as well as for new contracts. 

The application period is from from the 1st December 2021.

The deadline to apply for your company’s approval through the scheme for the first round of approvals will be the 15th January 2022. Anyone who has applied within this deadline will receive a response to their application by the 15th February 2022. 

As of the 1st March 2022, it will be possible to submit applications on an ongoing basis, and approval will be granted throughout the year.

How to apply

All companies that believe they meet the criteria listed in the Approval Scheme can apply for approval in order to provide safety functions under a contract with Bane NOR, as either a contractor or a subcontractor. Legal entity shall apply independently.

Apply for approval

Apply for approval in order to provide safety functions under a contract with Bane NOR.

The form outlines the criteria that the company must fulfil.

The criteria must be upheld throughout the entire approval period.

The company must submit documentation that confirms the requirements as stated at the bottom of this form:

  • Certificate of registration, no older than 6 months
  • Organisational chart
  • Relevant governing documents from the company itself that show that the company has its own safety functions within the business that hold safety responsibilities including traffic safety
  • An account of the system in place for internal training, competence management and valid certifications that include functions that are relevant to traffic safety within the framework of Bane NOR’s safety approval
  • An account of the documented quality system that adheres to EN ISO 9001:201 or equivalent
  • An account of an documented and implemented inspection system that also includes safety related tasks and functions that are applicable to the railway
  • An account of an timekeeping system that is capable of showing the total, actual working hours logged for all customers. The account must contain the names of the system, links and images that illustrate the system

The documentation must be sent to as soon as possible following the submission of the application. Include the applicant’s name and organisation number in the subject line of the email. The document’s file name must describe the contents of the document. The company must meet the requirements at the time of applying. In order to meet the requirements, the applicant cannot rely on other companies.

We will not accept applications in any form other than through this form.

Bane NOR notes that approval for functions that relate to safety will still be assessed and issued at an individual level. This approval requires the prerequisite of being employed and registered in an approved company.

How the application will be assessed

The application will be continuously assessed by an interdisciplinary team. During the continuous application process, the expected processing time will be 2–4 weeks from the date that the application has been received.

Bane NOR reserves the right to conduct independent inquiries into public registers and other databases when processing the application.

If the company is granted approval, you will receive a letter of approval.

If the company is denied approval, you will receive a rejection letter with information outlining which criteria were not met. The company will have an opportunity to reapply as soon as the company believes it has met the criteria as requested for the Approval Scheme.

The appeals process

If your company’s application has been rejected, you will have the opportunity to submit an appeal within four weeks. The company will lose the opportunity to appeal the decision if the deadline to submit an appeal has passed.

The right to appeal also applies if your approval has been revoked.

The company must be able to justify the appeal. If the appeal relates to the revocation of an approval, the company can request a suspension through the appeal.

Appeals are processed by an interdisciplinary group separate to that which processed the application or revoked the approval. The company cannot appeal decisions made by this group.

Duration of the approval

Approvals apply for 36 months from the time of which the company has been approved, on the condition that the requirements set out in the approval scheme are met and upheld throughout the entire period.

Bane NOR will publish a list of companies that hold a valid approval here once the approvals have been granted.

Renewal of issued approvals

The company itself will be responsible for applying for the renewal of its approval, and must do so no later than 3 months before the approval expires.  

When applying for renewal, the same process applies as for applying for the initial approval. The company is also responsible for submitting the renewed documentation. 

Verification of an issued approval

The company must expect that verification and auditing measures will be carried out during the approval period to ensure that the company still fulfils the requirements. Bane NOR may request submission of documentation that proves that the requirements have been met.  

Bane NOR reserves the right to request a criminal record check for those who hold senior positions within the company, as well as for the company’s safety representative. 

Revocation of approval

Read more about the revocation of approval on the Approval Scheme information sheet, which can be found in the right-hand margin.

Exemption from the requirement of employing a certain number of employees

Companies with 6 or more permanent employees can apply for an exemption from the requirement that companies must have 10 permanent employees, on the condition that all other requirements have been met. 

The duration of approval for companies who are applying for exemption from this requirement lasts for 12 months.