Safety course in Bane NOR

Safety first is always the most important thing when working on the railway. We do not want anyone to be injured at work. That is why we have created safety courses that you must complete before you can work on the operational railway, or on our construction areas.

Part 1: Word in and by the tracks

Safety course part 1 is a requirement for everyone who will work in and near operational railways. That is, all work within 2.5 meters of the nearest rail string or work that may conflict with train operation or in the dangerous vicinity of the high-voltage system.

Course validity: 1 year

Part 2: Danger blind

This is an industry-specific course and is used by the entire construction industry in Norway. Bane NOR requires that everyone who will work at Bane NOR's facilities must complete the course.

Course validity: 2 years
Please note: The course is under the auspices of Munio AS(opens in a new tab) and is an external course.

Part 3: Security in the project

Deals with specific safety information related to a specific project. Some projects have several safety courses part 3, in addition, each contractor has its own courses.

Validity of the course: The course is valid until changes have been made to the project that lead to the prerequisites for the course changing, at least annually. New project requires a new course.

Prerequisites: To work in and by tracks, you must complete part 1 and part 2 Danger blind before you can take safety course part 3. In projects that are not defined as work in and by tracks, you must have completed part 2 Danger blind before you can take Safety course part 3.

Please note: The course must be completed before you can start work on the project.

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