Privacy policy for the processing of personal data in connection with whistleblowing reports

Our privacy policy provides a clear and thorough overview of how we process personal data and protect the privacy of anyone who reports unacceptable circumstances. This provides you with peace of mind that your personal data will be processed in a responsible manner and that we take your privacy seriously.

The whistleblowing system is used to report any suspicion of unacceptable circumstances. Personal data will, in many cases, be processed in connection with the handling of whistleblowing reports.

Whistleblowing reports may be submitted via the external whistleblowing service managed by KPMG or via the regular reporting line at Bane NOR (i.e. via a manager, who will escalate the matter to the Whistleblowing Secretariat).

The personal data protection requirements apply regardless of how and where a report is submitted and regardless of who the whistleblowing report is handled by.

You can choose to submit a report anonymously if you prefer. You can also choose to be anonymous in relation to Bane NOR only. This means that KPMG would know your identity and would be able to pass on any questions between yourself and us, but we would not be informed of who the whistleblowing report was submitted by.

All processing of personal data at Bane NOR, including data relating to both the whistleblower and the reported individual, shall take place in accordance with Norwegian legislation.

Privacy policy in connection with whistleblowing reports

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