Parking Questions & Answers

Got any questions about parking at stations? We’ve compiled a number of questions and answers about parking on Bane NOR properties.

Commuter parking 

At which stations does Bane NOR provide commuter parking?

You can find a list of all stations with commuter parking here.

Why does Bane NOR provide commuter parking?

Commuter parking is an important part of the amenities provided by Bane NOR for train passengers, and is reserved for commuters with a valid period ticket for trains.

Car parks are are free at many stations in Norway, and unregulated in the sense that anyone who wants to use them can do so. We cannot control who uses these car parks, and do not know how many users are passengers/commuters. By regulating car parks at a station and providing commuter parking, we ensure that only rail commuters park there at peak hours/working hours, i.e. between 05.00 - 17.00 on weekdays.

Why do I have to pay to park in a commuter car park?

Commuter parking is an important part of the amenities provided by Bane NOR for train passengers, and is reserved for commuters with a valid period ticket for trains. There is a modest charge for using commuter parking. The usual price is NOK 100 per 30-day period, and NOK 35 per week.

One important reason why we charge for commuter parking is that we only have a limited area available, and want to help ensure that commuters living near stations get there by some other form of transport rather than their car. By doing so, parking spaces are freed up for passengers who really need to drive to a station.

Parking spaces allocated for commuter parking are free of charge from 17.00 to 05.00 on weekdays and at weekends (from Friday at 17.00 to Monday at 05.00).

One-day parking is priced for a 24-hour period (24/7). 

I paid for a parking pass, but can't find any available parking spaces. Am I entitled to a parking space?

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that everyone who has purchased a parking pass will be able to find a space on a commuter car park at any given time. What we offer to the commuter is the right to use the spaces available on a commuter car park at any given time.

What do I do if the commuter car park is full?

Commuter parking at a station is dimensioned in principle to cover the parking needs of passengers using the station. But in many instances, we do not have enough space to cover 100% of demand. Our objective is to provide enough space for everyone who needs to park, but we cannot guarantee that there will always be sufficient space. If commuter parking is full, we refer motorists to municipal or private car parks nearby.

Will commuter parking be introduced at all stations?

No, we intend to introduce commuter parking primarily at stations where it is often difficult to find a parking space. Commuter parking will be introduced first at the stations where it will have the greatest effect.

I'm going on holiday, and will be away for three weeks this month. Can I leave my car on the commuter car park at the station while I'm gone?

You can park your car on a commuter car park for as long as you have a valid parking pass.

Does my parking pass also apply to the covered car parks at Lillestrøm and Asker stations?

You need a separate parking pass for covered car parks, which can be found in the P-app as one of three options.

I am concerned about my privacy and do not want the parking company nor Bane NOR to know if I have valid train ticket. Can I get a parking pass?

Neither Bane NOR nor the parking company store information about your car registration number, your customer relationship with NSB or your car. But the system will register that you have a valid parking pass linked to your car’s registration number. This only allows the parking company to see if you have a valid commuter parking pass or not.

Why can't Bane NOR expand the car park instead of commuters having to pay?

In many places it is not physically possible to expand a car park due to other buildings, or because Bane NOR has no space available. Space is in particularly short supply in the central Eastern region. What’s more, we have stated publicly our intention of contributing to the goal of zero growth in car traffic in and around cities.

What is ‘City Price’? 

We have introduced a ‘City Price’ at stations where there is a severe shortage of parking space of NOK 250 per 30-day period. It has already been introduced at Lillestrøm, Drammen, Asker, Høn, Vakås, Hvalstad, Billingstad, Slependen, Blommenholm, Høvik, Stabekk, Strømmen, Lørenskog, Grorud, Høybråten, Kjelsås, Ljan, Lysaker and Ski stations.

We have found that a higher parking price causes demand for car parking space to be reduced. That’s because more passengers choose to bike, walk or use public transport to get to the station, and because commuters who can choose between several stations would rather pay less for parking and where capacity is higher.

Stations where we introduce City Price are often in the city centre, and have limited parking capacity with high demand.

If you have bought City Price for commuter parking, you can park on all Bane NOR’s commuter car parks.

Are you concerned that the introduction of charges for commuter parking will force more commuters to take their car instead of the train?

No, any increase in cost is so little that we do not believe that will happen. Parking at the station is still inexpensive.

Practical details on our app payment solution for commuter parking

How do I park legally?

  1. Download the Bane NOR Parkering app from App Store or Google Play, or use the online facility here.
  2. Create a user profile for the service, and buy a parking pass for the station where you tend to park.
  3. Enter your payment details, car registration number and ticket number.  

Remember that you must have a valid period ticket (week, month or year card) to use commuter parking.

I can't download the app on my mobile phone. What should I do?

The same solution is available online here.

How do I find my ticket number?

There are several types of tickets and cards, which have a different number of digits. Here are the most common:

  • Cards from Vy, Ruter or Kolumbus: 16 digits.
  • Vy’s mobile app: Customer numbers with 6, 7 or 8 digits can be found under "Profile" and "Your details".
  • Ruter’s mobile app: The APP ID is located at the bottom under "Settings". It consists of numbers, letters, and hyphens.
  • Kolumbus mobile app: The APP ID is located at the bottom under "Settings". It consists of numbers, letters, and hyphens.
  • Vy’s monthly printed card: Customer number with 6, 7 or 8 digits.
  • Airport Express ticket: Use the phone number you have registered for the Airport Express app as ticket number.
  • Employee year card: Same procedure as that for a Vy card or Vy’s mobile app.

What if I'm going to use another car?

You can add cars to the app and easily switch between them by tapping ‘Change' on the parking pass in the app. The pass is only valid for one car at a time.

Does my parking pass have to be linked to my car registration number?

Yes. Car park attendants scan the registration number to make sure that you have a valid parking pass.

Does a parking pass only apply to a particular station?

No. If you have a "Commuter Parking Pass", you can use most of Bane NOR’s commuter car parks. Exceptions are the commuter car parks at eight stations where special parking problems have been identified. ‘City Price’ has been introduced here, at NOK 250. City Price has been introduced at Lillestrøm, Drammen, Asker, Høn, Vakås, Hvalstad, Billingstad, Slependen, Blommenholm, Høvik, Stabekk, Strømmen, Lørenskog, Kjelsås, Lysaker and Ski.

If you buy a ‘Commuter Parking City Price’ pass, you can use commuter parking at all stations where it is available.

A special parking pass applies for the covered car park at ‘Senter Syd’ by Lillestrøm station. It is included in the Bane NOR Parkering app.

One-day parking (pay and display)

I only take the train occasionally, buying a single ticket. Where should I park?

We offer one-day parking at most of the stations where we offer commuter parking for passengers with a single ticket. Simply buy a ticket from the ticket machine on the car park, or use the "Easypark" app and park where indicated.

At Kolbotn, Ski, Asker, Levanger and Steinkjer stations, we refer passengers to other municipal or private car parks or covered parking nearby.

Exception: The Europark app must be used for one-day parking at Hell, Vikhammer and Heimdal stations.

What does one-day parking cost?

The day/night price is the same regardless of whether you park for 1 or 24 hours. The price at most stations is NOK 40 per day/night. Other prices apply at some stations, for example NOK 60 in Oslo. For more details, check the signs on the car park ticket machines and signs on the car park where you are going to park.

One-day parking is priced 24/7. In other words, payment is required on one-day car parks whether your car is there for 24 hours, a whole week or a weekend.

How long can I stay parked on a one-day car park?

At many stations there is a limit on how long you can park on one-day car parks. Check what applies at the station where you park. Maximum parking time is indicated on signs on the car park.

How do I pay for one-day parking?

One-day tickets can be bought from the ticket machine or using the "Easypark" app.

General information on parking

Do you provide parking spaces for the disabled?

We have parking spaces for the disabled at most stations. You can find more details at each station or on the station’s own web page:

What does it cost to park on a disabled space?

Disabled guests can park for free on spaces marked ‘Disabled’ if displaying their disabled sign.

What does it cost to park my bike in a bike hotel?

The price is NOK 50 per month Naturally, there is a difference in price between bike and car parking.

Can electric cars park for free?

No, you need a Commuter Parking Pass to park an electric car on Bane NOR’s commuter car parks, or buy a one-day ticket as normal.

What does Bane NOR use parking revenues for?

Any profit made will be used to further develop the Norwegian railways and improve amenities for train passengers.

Car park operators

Which companies operate Bane NOR’s car parks?

You can find details of our car parks, which operators run them and find sign location plans at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s parking register

How can the car park operator see if a car is parked legally on a commuter car park?

The car park attendants scan registration plates when checking car parks. The system checks that there is a valid parking pass linked to the registration number.

I have been given a fine and want to complain about it. Who should I contact?

Contact the car park operator concerned. Contact details will be on the fine notice.