Construction Arna-Bergen

Bane NOR is constructing a double track line between Arna and the centre of Bergen. The longest part of the section passes through a tunnel under Mount Ulriken where Bane NOR is constructing a new, parallel tunnel.

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år.

The construction of the double track line between Arna and Bergen consists of two projects:

  • Arna-Fløen
  • Bergen-Fløen

Project Arna-Fløen
The project has been in production from 2014 and will be completed in 2022. The main contracts in the project are: New Ulriken tunnel, Arna station and a railway-technical contract.

New Ulriken tunnel
We are constructing a new parallel tunnel between Arna and Fløen. The first 765 metres of the 7.8 kilometre tunnel have been blasted in the conventional manner. This is for the tunnel to be wide enough to accommodate extra passing tracks.

In addition, two diagonal tunnels have been blasted between the old and new tunnel, allowing trains to cross between tunnels. Each of these are 150 metres long. An additional 16 smaller cross-passages will also be blasted between the tunnels for evacuation routes and technical installations.

The remaining 7 kilometres of the new tunnel are excavated with a tunnel boring machine (TBM). THe TBM breakthrough was in August 2017.

Arna Station
Extensive alterations will be made at Arna Station, such as new platforms and rebuilding and widening both the water culvert and the underpass beneath the station. Work started in August 2017.

Railway-technical contract
This contract includes work in both the new and old tunnel, and within the Arna Station area.

The contract is interdisciplinary, including:
• Track/superstructure
• Catenary system
• Low-voltage system
• High-voltage system
• Telecommunications

Planned tendering is autumn 2017, contract summer 2018 and start-up in 1. quarter 2019.

Project Bergen-Fløen
Construction of double track between Bergen station and Fløen and renewal of existing systems, a distance of 1.3 km. The project has a high complexity due to the location (city centre), limited space and old infrastructure. Bane NOR will review the scope of the project and is working on a new project progress plan.