This is Eidsvoll-Hamar

The line between Eidsvoll and Hamar is one of Norway’s busiest sections of single track line. With a double track line along the whole route, the journey time for passenger trains between Oslo and Hamar would drop to one hour, the number of departures could be doubled and there would be fewer delays.

On the Dovre Line between Eidsvoll and Hamar, it is currently not possible to run extra trains when the demand is greatest, without affecting the service’s punctuality and speed. With a programme of gradual expansion, increased capacity could be achieved as each successive stage is completed.   

It is around 60 km from Hamar to Eidsvoll. Expansion of the existing line is both forward-looking and realistic, and a double track line will provide sufficient space for passenger trains, goods trains and high-speed trains of the future. A budget of around NOK 10 billion has been estimated for the whole section and the double track line is expected to reach Hamar by 2024, depending on political priorities.  


Around 30 km of double track line by 2019

According to the National Transport Plan 2010-2019, around 30 km of double track line will be built between Minnesund and Steinsrud. This will provide a journey time saving of around 10 minutes for passenger trains. Line capacity will also increase, although not enough to be able to run more trains on the whole section. It will only be possible to double the number of train departures when the whole section between Eidsvoll and Hamar has been completed.  


This stretch of line comprises the following sections:  

- Eidsvoll-Minnesund, around 7 km

- Minnesund-Kleverud, around 17 km

- Kleverud-Steinsrud, around 13 km

- Steinsrud-Sørli, around 3 km

- Sørli-Hamar, around 20 km


Section division between Steinsrud and Hamar has not yet been clarified but a preliminary municipal sector plan as far as Sørli has been formulated. Further planning towards Hamar has not yet commenced.

The European road 6-Dovre Line Joint Project

The Norwegian National Rail Administration is collaborating with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on the section of line between Minnesund and Kleverud. This collaboration has been formalised in the European road 6-Dovre Line Joint Project. The agencies are currently formulating zoning and construction plans for a double track line and European road 6. Both the railway line and the road will be developed simultaneously along this section. The reason for establishing a joint project is to agree upon overall planning of the transport corridor along the River Vorma and Lake Mjøsa. 

High-speed trains to Trondheim?

The extension of the Gardermo Line from Eidsvoll station could include a double track line on the Dovre Line as part of a future high-speed railway to Trondheim. Possible routes and branches off the current line will be subject to further study. However, a previous assessment concluded that a new line could branch off from the existing Dovre Line in the area around Sørli.


The current maximum speed on the Gardermo Line is 210 km/h, with a speed restriction of 130 km/h through Eidsvoll station. To the north, it would be possible to make provision for speeds of 250 km/h between Eidsvoll and Minnesund and from Kleverud, further towards Hamar. 


In the central section between Minnesund and Kleverud the maximum speed will be 200 km/h. This is because of the constricted space between Lake Mjøsa, built-up areas and European road 6. It will therefore be difficult to straighten out the course of the line in order to permit trains to run at higher speeds. Trains running at 200 km/h along this section would equate to a time loss of around one minute, compared to a speed of 250 km/h.


Link: Projeckt map.