• Modernization of the Vestfold line

    The Vestfold line is being modernized in order to reduce travel times and increase rail capacity. The goal is to secure reliable train services and connect cities and towns along the Vestfold line.

  • The Follo Line Project

    The project is currently the largest transport project in Norway and includes the country's longest railway tunnel (20 km). Combined with the existing Østfold Line, four tracks to the capital Oslo will represent more trains and faster trains on schedule.

  • Construction Arna-Bergen

    Bane NOR is constructing a double track line between Arna and the centre of Bergen. The longest part of the section passes through a tunnel under Mount Ulriken where Bane NOR is constructing a new, parallel tunnel.

  • ERTMS National Implementation

    Norway has committed to the implementation of ERTMS on its national railway network. Bane NOR has a goal of introducing the new signalling system on the main railway lines and Oslo S within 2030.

  • This is Eidsvoll-Hamar

    The line between Eidsvoll and Hamar is one of Norway’s busiest sections of single track line. With a double track line along the whole route, the journey time for passenger trains between Oslo and Hamar would drop to one hour, the number of departures could be doubled and there would be fewer delays.

  • High-speed rail services can be run on a commercially viable basis

    Following a two year consultation period, the High Speed Rail Study for the Norwegian National Rail Administration has been completed. Even though the results are not conclusive, the Norwegian National Rail Administration is able to demonstrate several positive consequences of the development of a high-speed rail system.

  • New double track Skøyen-Asker

    Expanding this 19.5 km section from two to four tracks is the National Rail Administration’s principal investment project this present decade. With a total cost of approximately 7 billion NOK, it is currently the largest single on-shore infrastructure project in Norway.