Supplier Information and Procurement

Bane NOR as a state-owned company is subject to the Public Procurement Act (only available in Norwegian) and the Utility Regulation (only available in Norwegian). The regulations are based on EU Procurement Directives.

The regulations provide different rules for the procurement process depending on the value of the contract held up against the threshold values defined by EU. Regardless of the threshold values, Bane NOR shall comply with the basic principles of competition, non-discrimination and equal treatment of tenderers, predictability, transparency, and proportionality.

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Bane NOR emphasises the importance of seriousity and integrity. All tenderers shall confirm compliance with Bane NORs Suppliers Code of Conduct Corporate Social Responsibility as part of the tender process.

Here you can find the Bane NOR Suppliers Code of Conduct Corporate Social Responsibility.

Read also: Bane NOR introduces new and tighter requirements for social responsibility in contracts.

How to become a supplier
Bane NORs procurements are published at Doffin/TED as set forth in the Utility Regulation, and planned procurements are advertised on our website Planer for fremtidige anskaffelser (Norwegian only).

Bane NOR use the qualification system TransQ for some of our procurements. Suppliers have to be registered to receive invitations to these tenders.

What to consider when submitting tenders
Sometimes submitting tenders to the public sector can seem complicated. We would therefore like to give you advice on how to submit tenders.

  • Read the enquiry documentation carefully.
  • Ask questions as early as possible if anything is unclear.
  • Check all important dates.
  • Please follow all the instructions set out in the enquiry documentation, and make sure you meet all the requirements in the enquiry documentation.
  • Make sure to attach all the required documents, certificates and appendices when delivering the tender.
  • Submit the tender in accordance with the instructions provided in the tender documents.
  • Apply for a potential extension of the tendering period in good time, but be aware that this may not be granted.
  • Please note that the deadline for delivery is absolute, and late deliveries will be excluded