How we procure

Our procurements amount to approximately 20 Billion NOK yearly. Bane NOR is one of the largest procurement authorities in Norway

Our contract portfolio consists of 1700 contract ad amounts to about 90 Billion NOK. With increasing investments in the transport sector, the procure volume will increase further.

Our procurement categories are:

  • Substructure / Constructions
  • Railway Technique – Constructions and materials
  • Design and engineering commissions
  • Consultants and Professional Consulting
  • IT
  • Indirect Services

Foto: Bane NOR

Continuous development of our contract portfolio

It is important that we execute our procurements successfully, and that the suppliers meet the corporate social responsibilities and the securoty requirements. 

We follow development, are forward-looking and facilitate dialog with the marked, including focus on sustainability and innovation.

Our main procurement method

Bane NOR is subject to the Public Procurement Act (only available in Norwegian) and the Utility Regulation (only available in Norwegian). The regulations are based on EU Procurement Directives.

The regulations provide different rules for the procurement process depending on the value of the contract held up against the threshold values defined by EU. Regardless of the threshold values, Bane NOR shall comply with the basic principles of competition, non-discrimination and equal treatment of tenderers, predictability, transparency, and proportionality.

We choose applicable procurement method after analyzing the marked and search in TransQ. Overall we choose between one of two options:

  1. Send the tender documentation to qualified tenders in TransQ (joint supplier registration and pre-qualification system for suppliers and contractors to leading Scandinavian transport and postal utilities)
  2. Public procurement in Doffin/TED (procurements over threshold values defined by EU)
  3. Tender documents in procurements below the threshold values defined by EU can be sent directly to relevant tenders.