How to become a supplier

Check out our planned procurements, Doffin/TED and TransQ

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You can register in the supplier registration and pre-qualification system, TransQ, at any time. To you must complete an order form and pay in advance an annual qualification fee ranging. The order form with qualification requirements can be obtained here, og contact TransQ for more information. TransQ is operated by Achilles Information AB. It can take up 4 weeks behov new tender is registered in TransQ. Achilles Information AB also notice the TransQ procurement annualy.

The supplier must update the supplier information annually.

The bidders lists will be based on suppliers that have passed the initial qualification. Additional qualifications may be required.

Get to know the tender documents

Get to know the tender documents, requirements and deadlines, the rules of exlusions in the Utility Regulation and the corporate social responsibility implemented in the contract before you send us the tender.

Vi advise you to clarify any unclaer points in the tender documents with Bane NOR rather than submit tenders with non-conformances or disclaimers.

Some advise

  • Read the tender documents carefully
  • Submit the tender in accordance with the instructions provided in the tender documents
  • Make sure you meet all the requirements in the enquiry documentation
  • Make sure to attach all the required documents, certificates and appendices when delivering the tender
  • Ask questions as early as possible if anything is unclear
  • Apply for a potential extension of the tendering period in good time, but be aware that this may not be granted
  • Please note that the deadline for delivery is absolute, and late deliveries will be excluded