A serious and responsible supply chain - for sustainable development

Bane NOR takes a clear lead in working to educate suppliers, promote a serious work life and combating workplace crime

Illustration: Pixabay.com

Our efforts shall contribute to equal competitive conditions that provide a balance between economic, environmental and social considerations. It provides long-term value creation in the supply chain and sustainable development.

  • We set strict seriousness requirements, in line with the intention of the Norwegian model
  • We use recognized and industry-adapted computer systems and supplier databases, such as HMSREG and StartBank, for follow-up of seriousness
  • We follow up the requirements in practice, and carry out checks and audits
  • We collaborate with other builders and clients, the Swedish Tax Agency and anti-crime centers and share information across the board to fight workplace crime
  • We reject suppliers and require the replacement of subcontractors when there is a reason for this

Our long-term ambition is that suppliers prefer Bane NOR as a collaboration partner and client by helping to strengthen their competitiveness, long-term value creation and reputation.


Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of society living today, without destroying to meet their opportunities for future generations. In order to safeguard this development, Bane NOR should balance economic, social and environmental conditions in a way that contributes to long-term value creation.

Our most important contribution to increased sustainability – in society in general and the transport sector in particular – is to strengthen support for the railways and help more people take more trains.

Ethical guidelines

As a public developer and client, Bane NOR has a special responsibility to act ethically and responsibly.

Our values – open, respectful, committed and innovative – are binding.

We must comply with the requirements of the society around us, but also the requirements we set for ourselves. We expect our suppliers and partners to act as ethically and responsibly as we do. Read more about our ethical guidelines on the right of this page.

Seriousness requirements in contracts

We set clear and strict seriousness requirements that promote a responsible business life and a serious working life. The extent of the seriousness requirements depends on the type of contract and is in line with the intention of the Norwegian model.

The seriousness requirements should be continued in the supply chain. It is the main supplier's responsibility to ensure that all seriousness requirements are included with all subcontractors who are directly involved in agreeing to work under the contract.

Read more about the requirements we set in the various contracts on the right of this page.

Compliance with the Norwegian Sanctions Legislation

The supplier shall comply with the Sanctions Act, 16. April 2021 nr. 18, and associated regulations (“Norwegian Sanctions Legislation".

The supplier shall in procurements inform any circumstances that may breach the Norwegian Sanctions Legislation, relatet to the supplier or other entities that the supplier relys on the capacities of, when metting the qualification requirements. The supplier and any other entities shall therefor send in a declaration of the Norwegian Sanctions Legislation.

In the contract period, the supplier must expect to send information and documentation til Bane NOR necessary to check that the Norwegian Sanctions Legislation are complied with at all stages of the supply chain.

An attractive industry

In order to build and operate the railway infrastructure of the future, a high level of competence and capacity in railways is necessary. In addition to railway technical subjects, it is also necessary to strengthen the capacity and competence within the general building and construction subjects.

The responsibility for promoting a serious and attractive building and construction industry lies with us - builders and contractors. By setting requirements for the proportion of subjects and apprentices in contracts, we ensure that they have a need to learn and provide good and attractive working environments where the young people want to work.

Combating workplace crime

As a developer, we have a responsibility to ensure a responsible labor market with equal competitive conditions. We do this, among other things, through follow-up and control of our suppliers pay and working conditions, taxes and duties are paid and the use of contribution to the development of qualified labour.


The railway is an environmentally efficient form of transport. In Bane NOR, we work purposefully to improve and renew existing railway infrastructure and facilitate the development of new railways in an environmentally sound manner. It is in collaboration with suppliers and other builders that we achieve our goals.