Are you a new supplier?

Bane NOR is subject to the Public Procurement Act (only available in Norwegian) and the Utility Regulation (only available in Norwegian). The regulations are based on EU Procurement Directives.

The regulations provide different rules for the procurement process depending on the value of the contract held up against the threshold values defined by EU. Regardless of the threshold values, Bane NOR shall comply with the basic principles of competition, non-discrimination and equal treatment of tenderers, predictability, transparency, and proportionality.

Our main procurement method:

We choose applicable procurement method after analyzing the marked and search in TransQ. Overall we choose between one of two options:

  1. Send the tender documentation to qualified tenders in TransQ (joint supplier registration and pre-qualification system for suppliers and contractors to leading Scandinavian transport and postal utilities)
  2. Public procurement in Doffin/TED (procurements over threshold values defined by EU)
  3. Tender documents in procurements below the threshold values defined by EU can be sent directly to relevant tenders.

Get to know the tender documents

Get to know the tender documents, requirements and deadlines, the rules of exlusions in the Utility Regulation and the corporate social responsibility implemented in the contract before you send us the tender.

Vi advise you to clarify any unclaer points in the tender documents with Bane NOR rather than submit tenders with non-conformances or disclaimers.


In tenders with qualification or negotiations the supplier shall submit their application for eligibility to participate in the announced procurement. You must submit the application with the documentation as mentioned in the tender documents, out procurement system, within the deadline as mentioned in the notice.

Evaluation and negotiations

We choose the best provider based on the criteria which you find in the tender documents. We choose often the criteria harmonious balance between quality and price. The criteria can contain detailed criteria in the procurement. The evaluation of the tenders will be based on these criteria.

If negotiations are planned, you will find information about this in the tender documents. 

Conclusion of contract

After the evaluation and any negotiations, Bane NOR will award the contract to the one or more tenders who have submitted the best tender. You can find the planned number of contracting parties in the tender documents.

Execution phase

Read carefully through the contract, including requirements for quality, security, propulsion, reporting, ethics and corporate social responsibility.

We start off the beginning of the contact period with a meeting where we go through the key information in the contract. You can find the frequency of other meetings in the contract.

We also evaluate the execution phase during the contract period.

Some advise

  • Read the tender documents carefully
  • Submit the tender in accordance with the instructions provided in the tender documents
  • Make sure you meet all the requirements in the enquiry documentation
  • Make sure to attach all the required documents, certificates and appendices when delivering the tender
  • Ask questions as early as possible if anything is unclear
  • Apply for a potential extension of the tendering period in good time, but be aware that this may not be granted
  • Please note that the deadline for delivery is absolute, and late deliveries will be excluded