Status for Bane NOR and the corona situation

Here is information for travellers, suppliers and partners about Bane NOR’s handling of the corona crisis and how rail transport is affected.

Photo from Oslo Central Station: Nicolas Tourrenc

The information below is correct as of 30 March 2020.

How rail transport is affected

Bane NOR has a coordination responsibility for train operating companies in the national joint effort to reduce the spread of the corona virus. Public transport is one of 15 functions defined as critical to society, which need to be upheld, and we are doing all we can to keep rail transport moving.

Bane NOR has continuity plans for handling a possible situation with a high percentage of sick leave among our staff. So far we have not encountered any problems manning functions critical to the movement of trains.

With a significantly lower number of travellers than usual, train operating companies have chosen to make some adjustments to train services:

  • Vy has reduced the number of departures during rush hours in eastern Norway, while a number of local services have half-hourly departures. There are also fewer departures between Arna and Bergen, as well as local services in Trøndelag.

    There are no night trains Bergen–Oslo and Trondheim–Oslo, and from March 30 also fewer daytime services. The number of departures between Halden and Gothenburg, as well as the Rauma Line, have also been reduced.

  • The Airport Express has reduced to departures every 20 minutes. between Drammen, Oslo Central Station and Oslo Airport Gardermoen. There are hourly departures during weekends.
  • SJ has cancelled passenger trains between Oslo and Stockholm, and to Narvik.
  • Go-Ahead has halved the number of departures on the Arendal Line and the Jæren Line (Egersund–Stavanger).  Service between Oslo and Stavanger has been reduced to four day trains and one night train in each direction.
  • The Flåm Railway has reduced from four to two daily departures between Flåm and Myrdal, by cancelling the first morning departure and the last in the afternoon.

More information may be found on the websites and apps of the train operating companies, as well as in our traffic information messages.

Our stations

Bane NOR has intensified cleaning in Norwegian railway stations, particularly surfaces that are often touched. This includes hand railings, lift buttons, armrests of chairs in waiting rooms and of course public toilets. Based on advice from the health authorities, Bane NOR has produced information posters which have been displayed in selected stations and on board trains.

We also maintain a close dialogue with our tenants who operate outward business in stations, encouraging them to take the necessary precautions and abide by recommendations from the authoritites.

Information for our suppliers and partners

Life, health and safety are Bane NOR’s primary concerns in everything we do, and we are treating the situation that has arisen with the utmost seriousness. Bane NOR has a responsibility for contributing to the national objective of preventing infection. At the same time we wish to maintain the level of activity in our projects, thus contributing to keeping Norwegian economy going.

So far, most of Bane NOR’s construction projects and new procurements remain unaffected by the extraordinary situation. We are very grateful for having so many professional partners in our subcontractors and suppliers who are persisting in our projects under the circumstances. Our priority is to perform the work that is essential for them to get their jobs done.

On March 17, Gorm Frimannslund, CEO of Bane NOR, issued a message to our subcontractors and suppliers. Read the message in full here.

More information for our suppliers and partners may be found on our suppliers’ site.