Railway Tender Conference 2019

Bane NOR is pleased to invite suppliers to our Tender Conference where we will present upcoming plans in the field of railway systems. The conference is held on Wednesday, November 27th 2019.

Photo from the Bergen Line: Øystein Grue

The Infrastructure Construction Division, the Infrastructure Management Division and the Digitalization and Technology Division will present upcoming plans and projects in the field of railway systems on new and existing infrastructure. 

The conference will be opened by Executive Vice President for Communications and Public Relations, Torild Lid Uribarri, before Executive Vice President Infrastructure Management, Vibeke Aarnes, (Acting) Executive Vice President for the Infrastructure Construction Division and  Stine Ilebrekke Undrum, present Bane NOR's strategic direction and overall project portfolio in the field of railway systems.

Please visit our projects stands for detailed information and for Q&A about upcoming railway systems projects. We also encourage you to connect and start dialog with each other both in advance and during the conference.

All participants at the Bane NOR Tender Conference November 27, 2019 have received access to a conference application where they can access relevant information about the projects, exhibitors and you will find a floor plan.

They can also look up other participants and use the opportunity to establish contact in advance.

Time: Wednesday November 27th, 2019  11.00-16.00
Place: Thon Hotel Arena, Lillestrøm


11:00.12.00 Registration and lunch
12:00-12.10 Welcome - Torild Lid Uribarri
12:10-12.30 Presentation - Vibeke Aarnes and Stine Undrum
12:30-15.30 Visiting project stands and mingling

For questions about the conference or registration, please contact kontraktogmarked@banenor.no

We look forward to seeing you!

Conference floor plan (klick to enlarge)

For questions about the conference or registration, please contact kontraktogmarked@banenor.no

We look forward to seeing you!