Railway Tender Conference 2017

On 10 May 2017, Bane NOR, Norway’s state-owned company responsible for the national railway infrastructure, presented upcoming construction projects.

The planned new station at Moss, part of the Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad project. (Illustration: Rambøll Sweco)

The conference was aimed at potential main contractors experienced in major railway and road infrastructure works and suppliers within the field of railway systems.  Some 250 participants from 16 different countries took part. The conference language was English.

Download conference presentations here:

Conference program and information

All information contained in the presentations is correct as of 10 May 2017, but may be subject to change at a later date.

1) Welcome and an introduction to Bane NOR
Helga Nes, Executive Vice President, Infrastructure Construction

2) Construction Projects East
Jarle Rasmussen, Acting Project Director

3) Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad
Jarle Rasmussen, Project Manager

3D-animation: Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad project overview (Link to YouTube)
3D-animation: Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad - New station at Moss (Link to YouTube)

4) Kleverud-Sørli

5) Venjar-Eidsvoll-Langset
Project Manager Erik Pascal Johansen

3D-animation: Kleverud-Sørli project overview (Link to YouTube)
3D-animation: Venjar-Eidsvoll-Langset project overview (Link to YouTube)

6) Construction Projects East: Contract strategy
Kari Stangeby Noer, Head of Strategy and Contracts

7) Construction Projects Vestfold Line

Stine Ilebrekke Undrum, Project Director
Drammen – Kobbervikdalen: Hanne Anette Stormo, Project Manager
Nykirke - Barkåker: Tom Frode Hansen, Engineering Manager

3D-animation: Drammen-Kobbervikdalen project overview (Link to YouTube)
3D-animation: Nykirke-Barkåker project overview (Link to YouTube)

8) Construction Projects West/Mid-Norway: Arna-Bergen
Stian Ekornaas, Head of Strategy and Contracts

9) The Ringerike Line and E16 Motorway

Project Director Morten Klokkersveen
Sandvika – Sundvollen (S1): Lise Backer, Project Manager    
Sundvollen/Høgkastet – Bymoen (S3): Nina Rongved, Project Manager 
Bymoen – Styggedalen (S4): Gørild Malm Kristiansen, Project Manager
Styggedalen – Ve/Hønefoss (S5): Ivar Olsen, Project Manager
Preliminary Contract Strategy: Natalia Bakken, Head of Contracts and Procurement

3D-animation: Ringerike Line and E16 Motorway (Link to YouTube)

Conference Day Two, 11 May

Time: Thursday 11 May 2017; 09.00-14.00
Place: The Follo Line Visitor Centre, Bispegata 13, Oslo

Open day “drop by” where the projects and the project management will be available for information and Q&A.