Maintenance work in Eastern Norway during Easter and the summer of 2019

Maintenance and renewal work will also be performed this year on the rail network over large parts of central Eastern Norway. The most intensive period will be during the summer holiday weeks, when both the Drammen Line and Østfold Line will be affected.

From the work to replace rails and sleepers on the Østfold Line in the summer of 2018. (Photo: Harry Korslund)

Systematic renewal and maintenance are important to keep the lines open and in good condition. The work that is performed during the periods when the lines are closed will contribute to better comfort, higher reliability and better punctuality for the rest of the year. 

During these periods, NSB and the Airport Express Train will set up alternative transport options, and detailed information on these options will be provided on the websites and in the travel apps.

Management of the traffic during this year's summer work will entail the need for more buses than in previous years. Bane NOR has cooperated together with NSB, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Ruter and the Airport Express Train to find good solutions for management of the traffic.

Drammen Line

The complete rehabilitation of the 10.7 km long Lieråsen Tunnel will also continue this year, and the traffic will be stopped this Easter and summer. The work will be completed according to plan in 2021.

The main work this year will be the rehabilitation of concrete elements, removal of five misfires (explosives from the construction that did not go off) and profile expansion towards Asker, as well as the installation of a vehicle entrance and doors in the cross-cut. Holes will be drilled and new cantilevers will be bolted for the overhead contact line. Work will also be performed at Skøyen Station, where there is a plan for the renewal and simplification of the track geometry. The job will start already this summer and should contribute to fewer faults and delays. 

Vestfold Line

Track doubling between Drammen and Kobbervikdalen on the Vestfold Line is an important part of the InterCity development in Eastern Norway. During Easter, preliminary work will be carried out in Kobbervikdalen, where an old underpass will be replaced to allow heavy-duty machinery to access the construction site.  Project completion is scheduled for 2025. 

Follo Line

This summer, the Follo Line Project will be working all day in the railway area north of Bispegata and in the area from Bispegata to Loenga. Early this summer a retaining wall will be constructed along the Lodal connector. Ground work and rail engineering work will be performed over large parts of Oslo Central Station.

At Ski Station, work will also be performed night and day on cables, overhead contact lines, etc. Existing tracks will be removed, and new tracks and points will be installed. Just north and south of the station, the existing tracks will be connected to the new tracks at the station. In addition, a new signalling system will be tested between Oppegård and Ski Station.

The new double track that will open in 2022 will mean more trains, better punctuality and a travel time of 11 minutes between Oslo and Ski.


In connection with the construction of a new double track and the new station in Moss, the Østfold Line must be diverted in the area around Moss Station, so that the rail traffic can operate normally during the construction period until 2024.

Preparatory rail engineering work will be carried out at Easter, before the traffic is switched over to new, temporary tracks this summer.

Maintenance of the Østfold Line

During a six-week period this summer, extensive replacement of rails and sleepers has been planned for the following sections:

·         Bekkelaget to Kolbotn

·         Oppegård to Langhus

·         Lisleby to Rolvsøy to Sandesund

The replacement of sleepers has also been planned at Tistedal, Prestebakke, Sandby and Lysedal, as well as the Gjellestad level crossing.

In addition, the replacement of points is planned at Bekkelaget, Ljan and Vestby. Any changes to the plans for the Follo Line may affect the scope of work to be performed.

Longer periods of “bus for train” this year 

Dovre Line North:

The Dovre Line between Lundamo and Melhus south of Trondheim will be closed for works from Thursday, 18 April at 11:10 am until Sunday, 21 April at 8.55 am. Two new underpasses will be established at Ler, where work is also underway to extend the passing track.

Vestfold/Drammen Line:

Asker to Drammen beginning on Saturday, 13 April through Sunday, 21. April.
Drammen to Holmestrand  will be closed from 18 to 21 April.

Asker to Drammen, week nos. 26 to 31.
Skøyen to Drammen and the Spikkestad Line, week nos. 28 and 29.

Østfold Line:

The section from Oslo Central Station to Rygge, as well as Ski to Kråkstad on the Eastern Østfold Line will be closed from 18 to 21 April.

In week no. 26, trains will operate from Oslo to Kolbotn, but Kolbotn to Rygge and Kolbotn to Mysen/Rakkestad will be closed.
Saturday and Sunday in week no. 26, Oslo to Rygge and Oslo to Mysen/Rakkestad will be closed.

Week nos. 27 to 31: The Eastern Line will be closed from Oslo Central Station to Mysen/Rakkestad.
Week nos. 27 to 31: The Western Line will be closed from Oslo Central Station to Rygge.

In addition, sections will be closed for shorter periods of time, during weekends, for example, on these and other sections. You will find a more detailed overview on this page (in Norwegian)

Note: All train operators, including freight trains, will be affected when we are working on the different sections. This means, for example, that the Airport Express Train will be affected when work is performed between Asker and Drammen.