Supplier meeting on assignments for railway power supply

Bane NOR SF will over the next years execute several projects to improve the quality and capacity of todays infrastructure for railway power supply (converters, catenary/autotransformers, 22 kV auxiliary power supply etc.).

Photo: Hilde Lillejord

Bane NOR Energi unit will in the time period 2018-2030 execute converter projects for more than 7 billion NOK. Bane NOR Construction / Infrastructure Projects will in the same time period carry out catenary/AT projects for  more than 17 billion NOK.

To carry out this work we need skilled consultants and contractors.

On Februar 1, Bane NOR invited potential suppliers to a supplier meeting for further information on plans and tenders for railway power supply. Klick here to see the meeting agenda.

Read/download the presentations from the meeting by clicking the attached pdf files.