Green light for the Ringerike Line and the E16

The Government has asked Jernbaneverket and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to start planning the Ringerike Line and the E16 as a joint project. The project organisation was put in place last winter, And the objective is to start constructing both the railway and the road in 2019.

Route guidelines past Kroksundet, viewed from Kongens utsikt. The road is shown on the far left and the railway lines nearest to Sundvollen. Illustration: Nordconsult“The Ringerike Line and the E16 will link the Ringerike region with the Oslo region, the tourism centres of Hallingdal will forge closer links with Eastern Norway, and travelling times between Oslo and Bergen will be reduced by one hour,” said Prime Minister Erna Solberg when she announced the decision of the Government. The introductory planning work has now been completed, and work on development plans and detailed planning will begin in the first six months of 2016. The Ringerike Line from Sandvika to Hønefoss will be around 40 km long. Double track will be constructed along the entire section, with a new station at Sundvollen. The E16 from Skaret to Hønefoss will involve around 30 km of new, four-lane motorway. The overall project is estimated to cost around NOK 26 billion.

Own project organisation

The objective is to start construction in 2019 and open the road and railway for traffic in 2024. The Government has decided that the project will be developed by means of a state plan.

Jernbaneverket has established its own project organisation for the planning and construction of the Ringerike Line and the E16, with Morten Klokkersveen as the project director.

The route for the development planning work will essentially follow the recommended solution submitted by Jernbaneverket and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The railway will pass through a tunnel from Sandvika to Sundvollen. There will be a station at Sundvollen in Hole. Both the road and the railway will cross Kroksund and continue on a shared route towards Hønefoss.

Major significance

The plans for a direct rail connection between the Oslo region and Ringerike have existed for more than a century. The Ringerike Line has been discussed by the Parliament of Norway on a number of occasions, most recently in the 1990s. The Ringerike Line will be constructed as an InterCity line and will provide fast, frequent connections between Ringerike and the Oslo area. As a result, this line will pave the way for new housing and establishment areas close to the capital city. The Ringerike Line will also shorten the travelling time on the Bergen Line by almost an hour. Together with the planned improvements to the Voss Line, this will mean a massive improvement in connections between the two biggest cities in the country, and between Eastern and Western Norway.