Bane NOR introduces new and tighter requirements for social responsibility in contracts

As a public contracting builder, Bane NOR has a particular responsibility for developing a sustainable supplier chain and working towards a serious building and construction industry. We are now tightening our requirements for social responsibility in contracts and will henceforth assume a more distinct role in the work for sustainable development and long-term value creation.

Illustration, photo by Hilde Lillejord.

We will facilitate and contribute so that contractors develop environmentally friendly solutions, offer tidy and serious workplace conditions for their employees and contracted workers, develop professional competence and ensure future recruitment to the industry.

Bane NOR assuming a more distinct role means, among other things, that:

  • We clarify requirements for social responsibility in our contracts and work systematically on checking compliance, including digitalised follow-up, more revisions and on-site controls.
  • We make contractors and their subcontractors responsible for ensuring serious working conditions and documented compliance of our requirements, and any discrepancies will be lifted quickly to management level.
  • We cooperate with other contracting builders, exchange information and share experience systematically.

“Contracting builders and contractors must show a united front to ensure tidy and serious working conditions, a high level of professional competence and good recruitment to the building and construction industry. I look forward to Bane NOR tightening their requirements for social responsibility and strengthening their follow-up of contracts, which will make it easier for us to ensure compliance from contractors and a level playing field in competition. We look forward to a good and sustainable cooperation with our contractors”, says the Director of Procurement in Bane NOR, Cathrine Loennecken.

Working with sustainable developement of contractors is not a static exercise. Bane NOR will work together with the industry for continuous improvement and will further tighten our own requirements as a result of changed needs and changes in technology.

  • Henceforth, all new contracts in Bane NOR will include a separate chapter on social responsibility, where the requirements will be presented together.
  • The most important changes to the contracts are (for construction contracts):
  • Obligatory membership in StartBank. Membership applications can be made here
  • Electronic real-time control of HMS cards on building and construction sites
  • Levels of subcontractors (maximum 2 levels)
  • Requirements for skilled staff (minimum 40% skilled workers)