New double track Oslo-Ski

The Follo Line, the new double track line between Oslo and the public transport center of Ski, will herald a new era for rail traffic in Norway. The project is currently the largest transport project in Norway and also includes the countrys longest railway tunnel (19,5 km).

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn fem år.


Today, the Oslo-Ski project comprises the new double track Follobanen as well as the total reconstruction of Ski station.

The Norwegian National Rail Administration has developed a green budget for the construction of the Follo Line. Currently The Follo Line is participating in the UIC Sustainability awards.
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About Follobanen

  • 22 km of new double-track railway line between Norway`s capital Oslo and Ski
  • Construction period is scheduled to start in 2014
  • Designed for 200 km/h/250 km/h
  • Approximately 19,5 km tunnel
  • Two separate tubes with cross-passage every 500 meters
  • Both TBM and drill and blast are considered
  • Facilitating a possible rail line going south - constructed for high speed trains
  • 1,1 million residents in the Oslo region
  • 150 000 passengers every day
  • 30 % population increase by 2025
  • Great potential for increased freight traffic
  • High speed train line towards Sweden and Europe is currently considered

Further information about the project is available in the information brochure's below.


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