New double track Oslo-Ski

The Follo Line, the new double track line between Oslo and the public transport center of Ski, will herald a new era for rail traffic in Norway. The project is currently the largest transport project in Norway and also includes the countrys longest railway tunnel (19,5 km).


Today, the Oslo-Ski project comprises the new double track Follobanen as well as the total reconstruction of Ski station.

The Norwegian National Rail Administration has developed a green budget for the construction of the Follo Line. Currently The Follo Line is participating in the UIC Sustainability awards.
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About Follobanen

  • 22 km of new double-track railway line between Norway`s capital Oslo and Ski
  • Construction period is scheduled to start in 2014
  • Designed for 200 km/h/250 km/h
  • Approximately 19,5 km tunnel
  • Two separate tubes with cross-passage every 500 meters
  • Both TBM and drill and blast are considered
  • Facilitating a possible rail line going south - constructed for high speed trains
  • 1,1 million residents in the Oslo region
  • 150 000 passengers every day
  • 30 % population increase by 2025
  • Great potential for increased freight traffic
  • High speed train line towards Sweden and Europe is currently considered

Further information about the project is available in the information brochure's below.


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