• Spain opts for massive electricity savings by using railway tech

    Spain just announced implementing power savings technology for their trains, potentially saving 30 percent of energy consumption. If all European countries follow Spain’s example, electric power equal to the consumption of 35 million European households can be saved. New EU regulations demand other nations to follow.

  • Railway Tender Conference 2019

    Bane NOR is pleased to invite suppliers to our Tender Conference where we will present upcoming plans in the field of railway systems. The conference is held on Wednesday, November 27th 2019.

  • Work on the railways will affect rail traffic this summer

    From 22 June 2019, Bane NOR will carry out extensive work on the Østfold Line and Lieråsen Tunnel. For six weeks, maintenance and construction will be carried out to improve train punctuality and shorten travel times.

  • Maintenance work in Eastern Norway during Easter and the summer of 2019

    Maintenance and renewal work will also be performed this year on the rail network over large parts of central Eastern Norway. The most intensive period will be during the summer holiday weeks, when both the Drammen Line and Østfold Line will be affected.

  • Railway Tender Conference 2018

    Bane NOR's Railway Tender Conference 2018 was held in Oslo on 19 April. You may download Conference presentations and information about upcoming projects here.

  • World record in mobile network in a tunnel

    The mobile operators Telia and Telenor with Bane NOR set world record. With 560 megabits per second the future train passengers can enjoy a high speed mobile network on their journey, also on routes with many travellers.

  • Supplier meeting on assignments for railway power supply

    Bane NOR SF will over the next years execute several projects to improve the quality and capacity of todays infrastructure for railway power supply (converters, catenary/autotransformers, 22 kV auxiliary power supply etc.).

  • Bane NOR has terminated two EPC contracts

    The two EPC contracts awarded to Società Italiana per Condotte d’Acqua S.p.A (Condotte) on the Follo Line project have been terminated by Bane NOR due to the contractor’s recent financial problems. Bane NOR will reclaim control of the contracts.

  • Railway Tender Conference 2017

    On 10 May 2017, Bane NOR, Norway’s state-owned company responsible for the national railway infrastructure, presented upcoming construction projects.

    The planned new station at Moss, part of the Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad project. (Illustration: Rambøll Sweco)
  • Bane NOR and the Railway Reform

    Bane NOR was incorporated on 01/01/2017 and has a clear responsibility for the national railway infrastructure.