Becoming a supplier

You can compete to become a supplier to the National Rail Administration using the following tools:

( ) is a skills database published each year in the EEA. TransQ is used by the National Rail Administration, the train-operating company NSB, the airport operator Avinor and the Norwegian Oil Industry Association OFL in Norway; the Swedish Rail Administration and the Bothnia Line in Sweden; and the Danish rail operator BaneDanmark.

Suppliers apply for qualification using a web-based application form. Suppliers who satisfy the specified requirements are qualified and listed in accordance with a nomenclature based on information provided by the supplier. In the case of specific requirements for a procurement, the National Rail Administration can carry out a targeted search of the database (based on the nomenclature) to produce a list of tenderers. Targeted enquiries can then be sent to shortlisted tenderers without the need to publish an announcement.

DOFFIN  (the Doffin database in Norsk Lysningsblad).
( ) In the case of purchases below the threshold (less than NOK 1,050,000.00 for goods and less than NOK 41,000,000.00 for building and construction) the National Rail Administration will publish an announcement in DOFFIN, unless a decision has been taken to use TransQ.