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Stavanger is the final stop on the Sørlandsbanen, 591 kilometers from Oslo. Stavanger station is located in Jernbaneveien in the city center. From Stavanger there are local train services towards Sandnes and Egersung There are long-distance train services towards Kristiansand and Oslo S.

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  • Sørlandsbanen: Forsinkelser Gulskogen-Mjøndalen
    Det er forsinkelser pga. signalfeil mellom Gulskogen og Mjøndalen. Vi vet ikke hvor lang tid det vil ta før feilen er rettet.
  • Last update:
    Sørlandsbanen: Snartemo–Moi arbeid på sporet
    Frem til torsdag 09. desember kl. 11:05 utfører vi arbeid på sporet mellom Snartemo og Moi, mandag til torsdag i tidsrommet fra kl. 04:48–kl.11:05. Strekningen er stengt for trafikk.
  • Other facilities for the disabled

    The station is equipped with a mobile ramp for wheelchair users. This is served by the conductor and gives access to trains on demand.

  • Parking for disabled

    4 parking spaces.

  • WC for the disabled
  • Wheelchair access to platform
  • Parking

    Bicycle parking

    Gaining access to Stavanger bicycle hotel

    Download app “Bane NOR Parkering” in the App Store or on Google Play. Agree to terms and register payment method. Access is connected to your mobile telephone and applies to only one bicycle hotel.

    Once you have agreed to the terms, pres “LÅS OPP” in order to open the door to the bicycle hotel.

    Please note: the door may take up to 30 seconds to open.

    Access costs 50 NOK and lasts for 30 days. Your subscription will be renewed automatically when this time period expires. You will be notified by SMS before your subscription is renewed.

    For questions, please contact Bane NOR’s customer service center by telephone on +47 22 45 50 00.

    Cyc-lok boxes 

    There are 12 separate boxes next to Stavanger bicycle hotel and station. Download app Cyc-lok in the App-store or on Google Play.


    • 1-12 hours 10 NOK
    • 12-18 hours 15 NOK
    • 18-24 hours 50 NOK

    For questions, please contact Bane NOR’s customer service center by telephone on +47 22 45 50 00 or Euroskilt +47 919 18 177.

  • Parking for disabled

    4 parking spaces.

  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • ATM
  • Baby changing room
  • Bicycle shelter
  • Car rental
  • Hotel

    Ceveral hotels close to the station.

  • Platform shelter

    Open Monday - Friday 06.40 - 17.25. Saturday: 08.35 - 15.35, Sunday: 08.35 - 15.35. Ticket vending machines also available.

  • Refreshments
  • Storage Boxes
  • Telephone
  • Ticket sale

    Open Monday - Friday 06.40 - 17.25, Saturday and Sunday 08.35 - 15.35. Ticket vending machines.

  • Waiting room

    Open every day 05.00 - 24.00.

  • WC