Train times

Hamar station is located in Strandgaten 2, in the center of the city. From Hamar, there are long-distance train services to Trondheim on the Dovre line and Røros and Trondheim on the Røros line. There are also regional trains to Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, Oslo, and Lillehammer. 

In Hamar, you can visit the Norwegian Railway Museum.

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    Gardermoen/Dovrebanen arbeid på sporet
    Frem til mandag 18. oktober kl. 04:00 utfører vi arbeid på sporet mellom Gardermoen og Tangen. Strekningen er stengt for trafikk.
  • Lifts
  • Parking for disabled
  • WC for the disabled
  • Wheelchair access to platform
  • Parking

    Number of parking spaces in total: 231

    Commuter parking 

    Number of parking spaces: 182

    Commuter parking spaces for 100 NOK, is an offering to travelers with a valid period ticket (weekly, monthly or annual). Paid for using Bane NOR’s parking app. Click here to learn more about commuter parking and the parking app.

    Travelers with single tickets can avail of day parking spaces for 40 NOK per day (46 spaces in total).

    Please note that signage in parking areas apply. 

  • Parking for disabled
  • Bus

    Bus-terminal at the station.

  • Taxi

    Taxi-halt at the station.

  • Attraction

    The Railway Museum, about 2 kilometres from the station.

  • Bicycle shelter
  • Lifts
  • Platform shelter
  • Refreshments

    Kiosk and coffee-shop.

  • Storage Boxes
  • Ticket sale

    Ticket sale at Narvesen: Monday - Friday: 05.50 - 20.10, Saturday: 07.45 - 18.10, Sunday: 09.00 - 20.10. Two ticket vending machines.

  • Waiting room

    Open Monday - Friday: 04.14 - 01.05, Saturday: 04.15 - 01.05, Sunday: 05.30 - 01.05.

  • WC