Bane NOR is to build a new double-track from Nykirke (south of Holmestrand) to Barkåker (north of Tønsberg), a section totalling 13.6 kilometres.

Nykirke-Barkåker will be carried out as two large EPC-contracts (engineering, procurement and

UNB01 for civil works

UNB10 for railway systems

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Electrical power and telecommunications authorisations

Interface between groundwork and railway-technical work

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In the north, the route is connected to the Holm-Nykirke section, which was opened in the autumn of 2016; in the south, the new line will be connected to the existing double tracks at Barkåker. The project includes four assembly points and three evacuation tunnels. A concrete tunnel under E-18 by Kopstadveien continuing west to Sletterødåsen, and a rock and concrete tunnel between Skaug and Viulsrød are planned. The section will have two bridges, four tunnels (totalling 5.3 km) and a new station southwest of Skoppum, by Viulsrød. The station will feature a large park-and-ride car park and good connections to both roadways and multi-use paths.

The station has two levels, where the road access points and car park on are on the terrain level, while the platforms are elevated. A 12-metre wide underpass forms the entrance zone to the station. Passenger facilities such as toilets and waiting rooms will be located here. The transport-hub leads to ramps, stairs and lifts that connect the two levels of the station. The transport hub includes bus stops, taxis and kiss & ride area.
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Why is it being built?

The building project is part of the InterCity initiative in Eastern Norway.
The Vestfold Line will have a continuous double track from Oslo to Tønsberg in order to facilitate more departures and shorter travel time. Nykirke-Barkåker and Drammen-Kobbervikdalen are the two sections that are missing in order to achieve the goal. 

When will it be built? 

Bane NOR is hoping for a decision in June 2018, and commencement of construction in the summer of 2019. The goal is to finish the section in 2024.

Description of the section

The existing Tangen Tunnel will be upgraded and used. The new double track starts directly south of this tunnel. The line has a short open-air zone before it crosses underneath highway E18 and Kopstadveien in a concrete tunnel of just under 1 km. The line crosses an existing field before entering the Skottås Tunnel with a length of approximately 3 km. By highway Rv. 19, west of Skoppum, a new station has been located on the south side of the road. The line continues south through Tangsrødmarka in an approximately 1.1 km long tunnel called the Gråmunk Tunnel. There is a short concrete tunnel where wildlife and hikers can cross at the south end of Tangsrødmarka. The new line will be linked to the existing double-tracks at Barkåker.
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Signalling work is not part of UNB10, and will be carried out in a separate nationwide project under the direction of Bane NOR. The signal system ERTMS will be used on the section. This is supposed to be completed for the project's scheduled opening in 2024 and must consequently be coordinated with UNB01 and UNB10.