UNB10 – Railway systems

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år.

•The construction contract will be carried out as a EPC contract with NTK 15 as contract basis
Contract notice November 2018
•Signing autumn 2019
•Construction period autumn 2019 – autumn 2024

The UNB10 construction contract comprises the railway’s superstructure and all the electrotechnical systems except the station electronics for the entire section. In addition, conduits, technical structures and completion of evacuation tunnel and roads around technical structures are included in the construction contract.

GSM-R, MIT and emergency network (TETRA) will be installed in the tunnel. Antenna masts will be built for GSM-R and external actors at some of the technical structures. Provisions for commercial mobile coverage and GSM-R will be made in the evacuation tunnels. This will be built mainly by framework agreement contractors and is not included in the EPC contract.

For 50 Hz power, a longitudinal 22kV system will be built with a new supply point from the local power plant.

System 25 will be used as the overhead contact line system throughout the section. AT transformers will be placed at Skoppum and the end of the section at Barkåker.

The permanent signal and interlocking system is based on ERTMS, which will be designed and built by a different contractor.

The following table shows the main quantities for the construction contract.

Main quantities Approximately quantity
Tracks  27 200 m
Turnouts 12
Technical structures in tunnel   2
Technical structures in open-air   7
Telecom hut in open-air    2
Telecom niches in tunnel   5
Longitudinal 22 KV 14 000 m
CL wire   37 100 m
Yokes       20
CL masts 292
Hanging suspended masts, tunnel 242
AT wire 55 100 m
AT kiosk/Trafo 6