UNB01 - Civil works Nykirke-Barkåker

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år.

•The construction contract will be carried out as a EPC contract with NTK 15 as contract basis.

•Contract notice autumn 2018
•Signing autumn 2019
•Construction period autumn 2019 – mid 2023
•Finishing work mid 2023 – to end of 2024

Main quantities Approximately quantity
Upgrading of existing tunnel   145 m
New concrete tunnels and tunnel portal structure, single-tube with a double-track railway  1100 m
New concrete tunnel, single-tube with double to triple-track railway   600 m
Railway bridges, double tracks   125 m
Railway bridge, single track    50 m
Pedestrian/cyclist bridge   110 m
Rock tunnels, single-tube with a double-track railway 3250 m
2 evacuation tunnels   450 m
Station, 3 tracks to platform (250 m), and space for park-and-ride car park       1
Open-air zones 8400 m