The structures and the tunnels

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Three longer rock and concrete tunnels and two bridges will be built on the section of  railway. In addition, a game crossing will be established for crossing the line and an existing rock tunnel will be upgraded.

The tunnel is designed as a single-line tunnel with two tracks. Concrete tunnels are generally designed with arched cross-sections where there is sufficient distance to existing terrain. Rectangular cross-sections will be used underneath roads and areas with a short distance to existing terrain.

The Tangen Tunnel
The existing Tangen Tunnel (approximately 145 m long) will be upgraded. Reinforcement of rock will be carried out, new water- and frostproofing will be installed and the superelevation will be increased so the speed can be increased from 200 to 250 km/h.

The Kopstad Tunnel
The Kopstad Tunnel is a double-track concrete tunnel of approximately 900 m which crosses underneath highway E18 and Kopstadveien. According to plan, the concrete tunnel will be built in the open construction pit and the crossing diagonally underneath the E18 highway and existing terrain direction.

The Skottås Tunnel
The Skottås Tunnel is a combined rock and concrete tunnel totalling 3 km. The southern part of the tunnel will be built as a concrete tunnel with a length of approximately 600 m. A support wall toward existing industrial buildings at Viulsrød will be built in the extension of the portal structure.

The Skottås Tunnel has two evacuation tunnels; the northern evacuation tunnel is 250 m long and has a portal northwest of Snapsrød. The southern evacuation tunnel is 190 metres long and the portal is located in a rock cut just west of Reir.

Portal by Viulsrød, looking northwest

The Gråmunk Tunnel
The Gråmunk Tunnel will be built as an approximately 1.1 km long rock tunnel with concrete portals.

Tangsrød wildlife crossing
The wildlife crossing at Tangsrød, north of Barkåker, will be built as a short concrete tunnel with a circular cross-section. 

Railway bridge across Rv. 19
The bridges are planned as two 3-span bridges with a length of 50 m. A double track bridge and a single track bridge will be established, both of which will be built as concrete trough bridges.

Railway bridge across Rv. 19, looking east

Railway bridge across Solerødveien road
The railway bridge across Solerødveien road will be designed as a double track 3-span bridge with a total length of 77 m. According to the proposal, the bridge will be built as a reinforced concrete beam bridge cast in situ.

Bridge across Solrødveien road, looking east