New station

The new station will lie a little south of Skoppum with access directly from highway Rv. 19. A carpark can be expanded to accommodate approximately 600 cars.

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år.

Public transport, cars and cyclists and pedestrians will be kept separate for traffic safety and traffic management reasons.

The railway station will be connected to the existing network of walking and bicycle paths leading both east and west. Pathways for pedestrians and cyclists connect to existing by a footbridge. Bicycles can be parked under roof or in a «Bicycle hotel». 

Moreover, transfer between modes of transport will be accommodated by a "Kiss & Ride" area, and spaces for both buses and taxis close by the main entrance.

Universal design
Each platform will be accessible by stairs, ramps and lift. There will be toilets, ticket vending machines, information boards and the like in the underpass and space will be set aside for a waiting room and a kiosk to the west.

Shielded from the weather
There will be a roof over ramps, stairs, lifts and platforms.  Two heated waiting rooms (in glass) will be built on the platform for northbound trains, and one on the platform for southbound trains. In addition, space has been set aside for an area offering protection from the elements on the platform for southbound trains.