Invitation to Market Day

Bane NOR has the pleasure of inviting contractors and suppliers to a presentation of its project for the New Double Track Drammen-Kobbervikdalen.

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år.

This development offers good commercial opportunities for contractors and suppliers. Bane NOR wants to establish a dialogue and to provide good information during the project – which is why it is issuing an invitation to this Market Day.

Presentations and “contracts fair”

The theme for this conference will be the major contracts which will be going out to tender in the first half of 2020. Both the project’s management and its technical specialists will be available to answer any questions which arise in addition to the information provided in the presentations.

Read more about our the theme for this conference here >

A brief introduction will be provided to the various contracts and phases, and to the way the project team works. Plenty of time has also been allocated for forging contacts, so that participants can learn more about the individual contracts and the project’s way of working. Parts of the conference space will be organised as a small “contracts fair”, where the technical managers for the various contracts will be available. This gives you the opportunity to get the answers your organisation needs.

Get to know Bane NOR as a construction client

Bane NOR will give emphasise during the Market Day to explaining how it achieves good forms of collaboration with contractors in its projects.

“We’re committed to being a professional construction client who’s solution-oriented and has good decision lines,” says Eirik Harding Hansen, manager for contracts and market in the UDK project. “Our goal is to facilitate good collaboration.

“We want to ensure that both construction client and contractor are well prepared on the day work starts. Both sides will then be very familiar with the content and complexity of the contracts. At the conference, we’re be explaining how we can create a good joint platform for our work.”

Practical information

The event will take place on Friday 1 November at the River Station Hotel in Drammen. Registration begins at 09.00, while the programme runs from 10.00-14.00.

If more than one person from your organisation intends to participate, each of them must register individually using the registration form, which can be accessed via the link below.

For registration, please click here to fill out and submit the registration form.
Registration is open until 09.00 on 23 October 2019.