UDK 03 - Drammen-Gulskogen and railway works

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New contract strategy

Bane NOR has reviewed and made changes to the project's contract strategy. The large contract UDK 03 will be replaced by three contracts. They are all implementation contracts. The new contracts are:

  • UDK 03 - Groundworks Drammen-Gulskogen
  • UDK 05 - Superstructure and catenary system
  • UDK 06 - Electricity and telecom

More information about the contracts will be made available shortly.

All contracts will be implementation contracts.

Drammen station

Drammen station will remain in its current location, but will be rebuilt with 6 tracks and 350 metre-long platforms. The reconstruction entails a total remodelling of the station area. A new, wider and better-lit pedestrian underpass will be built under the track area linked directly to the river promenade. Stairs, a lift and a ramp will go up to the central platforms, with two lifts and two stairs to the north platform from the underpass. In addition, there will be stairs to the Bybrua bridge from all the platforms. 

The new track layout is contingent on the Bybrua bridge being rebuilt over the track area. A slimmer bridge design will raise the underside of the bridge by 90 cm, making it possible to raise the level of the station area to protect against storm flooding and increase the height between the track and the bridge. 

Between Drammen station and Sundhaugen

The new and broader track area with several groups of point switches west of Drammen station will mean that the underpass at Grønland will have to be widened. The underpass in Kreftings gate will have to be rebuilt, and a level crossing will be built between the Vestfold line and the Sørlands line.

From Sundhagen to Gulskogen station

The new double track for the Sørlands line lies north of its existing tracks at Sundland. In addition, a new freight line will be built parallel to the south side.

As a result of new track geometry, there will be extensive remodelling of track connections into the Sundland workshop and goods marshalling yard at Sundland.

On this stretch, a new pedestrian underpass will be built under the track area as an extension of Vintergata. The underpass will replace the existing one in Arboalleen. 

Gulskogen station

Gulskogen station is being converted to four tracks with 350 metre platforms. The finished result will be a totally new station, and the station area will be considerably larger. 

There will be two new pedestrian underpasses built, one just west of Baker Thoens allé and one approx. 150 m further west. The underpasses will have stair and lift access to all three platforms.

The existing station building will be demolished and the cycle storage moved as a result of the new station being wider than the current station. 

Baker Thoens allé

In connection with the planned rebuilding of the Gulskrogen station, Baker Thoens allé will be widened to become a dual carriageway with foot- and cycle paths on both sides. The rebuilding of Baker Thoens allé is planned as an integral part of the railway project.

Technical railway works

Contract UDK 03 comprises the overpass over the railway and all electronic equipment for the whole site, including all railway engineering in the concrete tunnel, the soil tunnel, the rock tunnel and the surface section in Skoger. 

The telecommunications system will be expanded for fibre, radio in the tunnel and surface zone at emergency services sites, assembly areas and at the portal openings. Antenna masts will be built for GSM-R and other users at the power cabinets at Sundhaugen and Gulliksrud. GSM-R, MIT and emergency network (TETRA) will be installed in the tunnel. Drammen and Gulskogen station will be fitted with a new public information system.

Longitudinal 22kV cables will be erected for 50 Hz power supply. Supply points are planned at Sundhaugen and Gulliksrud. 

Power cabinets and grid stations are planned at Drammen station, at Skamarken, Sundhaugen, along the tracks between Drammen station and Gulskogen station, at Gulskogen station and at Gulliksrud for engineering installations. The power cabinets will be located approximately every 1000 metres in the tunnel.

System 20 contact lines will be used between Drammen station and Gulskogen station, and system 25 from where the Vestfold line enters the tunnel to the Skoger section. A new switchgear cabinet will be built at Sundhaugen to replace the existing one. The AT transformers will be located in the switchgear cabinet. AT transformers will also be installed in the power cabinet at the tunnel portal at Gulliksrud.

The permanent signal and interlocking system is based on ERTMS, designed by Bane NOR.

Possible problems during construction

  • Extensive construction works in areas with soft deposits and high water table.
  • Constricted construction sites, partly in an urban area.
  • Rebuilding of two stations with significant pedestrian flows. The stations are to be kept in operation during construction
  • Construction works in close proximity to existing tracks in operation.
  • Construction works in close proximity to existing dwellings.
  • The present phase plan for construction implementation ensures the necessary track availability during construction. The plan places restrictions on effective construction implementation. The phase plan also provides guidance for the diversion of other infrastructure.

Main volumes ground work

Pipe piling

38,500 m2

Stabilisation with jet piles

11,500 m3

Lime/cement piles

97,000 m3

Steel piles

2,300 m


330,000 m3

Frost insulation and filling with cellular glass or expanded clay

68,000 m3

Reinforcement layer of crushed stone aggregate

67,000 m3


23,300 m3


3,600 tonnes

Noise barrier

8,400 m2


Main volumes superstructure

Railroad switches



360,000 m




65,000 m3


Main volumes electrical equipment

Overhead line masts


Overhead line yokes


Hanging masts on yokes and in tunnel


Overhead line wires

45,500 m

AT wires

26,000 m