UDK 01 - Rock tunnel and open stretches

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år.

Bane NOR has awarded Veidekke Entreprenør AS the contract for a 6 km rock tunnel in the Drammen-Kobbervikdalen project. 

The rock tunnel will be a blasted single pipe, double track tunnel with blasted cross-section of approx. 123 m² and a free space area of approx. 93 m² once fully built. It will be approx. 6 km long measured from the Danvik face to the Gulliksrud face at Skoger. 

It will be sealed using systematic preinjection to secure water balance in the area and safeguard the environment. The tunnel will be stabilised with bolts, spray concrete, etc. for a projected service life of 100 years. Water and frost protection will be achieved using a membrane covered with contact-cast vault construction.

The tunnel will be driven from two cross tunnels and from Gulliksrud to the south. The two cross tunnels, at Austadveien and Danserud, will act as evacuation tunnels once the tunnel is in use. Parallel evacuation tunnels will be built linked to the cross tunnels in parts of the main tunnel.

In addition, two dedicated evacuation tunnels will be built, one to an existing escape tunnel from the Strømsås tunnel and one out to the surface at Gunnerud, ensuring emergency exits for every 1000 m. The evacuation tunnels will be 25 m2, while the cross tunnels will have a larger cross section (60 m2) as they will be used for access during driving of the railway tunnel.

Main volumes rock tunnel

Blasting of the main and cross tunnels

938,000 m3

Waterproofing and frostproofing Concrete vault

169,000 m2

Waterproofing and frostproofing Sealing membrane

40,000 m2

Spray concrete sealing layer

25,000 m3

Spray concrete retaining arches

9,300 m

Reinforcement layer of crushed stone aggregate

39,000 m3


Surface section in Skoger


8,400 m3


1,300 tonnes

Tension reinforcement

15,150 mN


75,000 m3

Frost insulation and filling with cellular glass or expanded clay

20,000 m3

Reinforcement layer of crushed stone aggregate

18,000 m3

Noise barrier

4,300 m2


Tracks and other railway engineering installations are not included in UDK 01.