Tunnel contract signed with Veidekke

Stine Undrum, Bane NOR’s development director, and Veidekke CEO Jimmy Bengtsson signed the contract on 8 th October which formally awards Veidekke Entreprenør the job of building a six-kilometre rock tunnel in Drammen.

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år.

Photo: Bane NOR, Marianne Henriksen

When Undrum shook hands with Bengtsson in front of the tunnel entrance in Drammen, she felt on safe ground with Bane NOR’s choice of contractor.

Her former position as project director for the Vestfold Line development gave her experience with Veidekke from the construction of the new double track between Farriseidet and Porsgrunn. The company held the Skillingsmyr contract in that project. 

The new contract which has now been signed is an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) assignment with a contractual value of NOK 1.96 billion exclusive of VAT.

Major jobs in the pipeline

Construction will start swiftly after the contract award, with work expected to begin in November 2019.

Several other major contracts are in the pipeline. The tunnel assignment is only one of those due to be awarded for the new double track Drammen-Kobbervikdalen (UDK) development project over the coming year.

“Plans call for the double track to be ready for use by the end of 2024,” Undrum explains. “Capacity between Drammen and Tønsberg will then more than double, and it will be possible to run two trains an hour in both directions between Oslo and Tønsberg. That will give passengers on the Vestfold Line a better and more efficient daily experience.”

Solid player

“This contract brings a solid player into our project here in Drammen,” says Undrum. “Veidekke delivers on quality, has good references and is familiar to us from earlier tunnel projects.”

She adds that Bane NOR has carried out a detailed process, which makes her confident that Veidekke will again prove a good supplier. These two companies know each other well, with a shared experience which provides additional assurance.

Core expertise – rock and concrete

“We’re very pleased to have won the competition over this major assignment, which will mean such a lot for so many,” says Bengtsson. “We’ll really need our core expertise with rock and concrete here. We’re now looking forward to a good collaboration with Bane NOR on building a tunnel which will give rail passengers in eastern Norway greater flexibility in their everyday lives.”

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