Bane NOR is planning the construction of a new double-track from Kleverud to Sørli (Stange municipality), a section of 15,8 kilometres. The project also includes building of a three-kilometer-long tunnel from Kleverud to Espa, Tangenvika railway bridge (1 070 meters) and a new station at Tangen.

In the south, the route is connected to the completed double track section at Kleverud, which was opened in 2015. In the north, the new line will be connected to the existing Dovrebanen.

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The project is using model-based-design and BIM-enabled software.

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The contract strategy comprises both the new double-track from Kleverud-Sørli and the following section Sørli-Åkersvika. The work will be organised in contracts as outlined in the below figure.

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KS-1 The Hestnes tunnel
KS-2 Tangenvika railway bridge
KSÅ-3 Civil works Tangen - Stange
SÅ-4 Civil works Stange – Åkersvika
KSÅ-5 Engineering contract
KSÅ-6 Railway technique, Tracks and Catenary
KSÅ-7 Railway technique, Electrical power and telecom


Announced procurement:

KS-2 Tangenvika Railway Bridge

Bane NOR invites contractors to apply for pre-qualification in the tender competition for EPC contract for Tangenvika railway bridge. Due date for application is the 15th of September 2020, at 12:00.

Oslo, July 20

Notice in Doffin
Notice in TED

Commencing 01.09.2021

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Re-start of competitions

The project resumes competition for contracts on the section Kleverud-Sørli. This means that the invitation to prequalification for Tangenvika railway bridge, the Hestnes Tunnel and Engineering contract will be announced to the market.

Oslo, July 2 2020

Prequalification for KS-2 Tangenvika railway bridge will start week 30. The due date for the submission of prequalification applications will be September 15th 2020.

An updated plan for the prequalification of KS-1 The Hestnes Tunnel and KSÅ-5 Engineering Contract will be made available after summer.




Cancellation of competition for the Kleverud-Sørli project on the InterCity route Dovrebanen

Oslo, Mars 16

As a result of the extraordinary measures taken by the authorities throughout Europe in connection with the Covid-19 virus, considerable uncertainty has been associated with the execution and progress of ongoing projects in Bane NOR's project portfolio. This means, among other things, that Bane NOR continuously assess which procurement processes are to be completed, put on hold or canceled.

With reference to § 21-4 of the Supply Regulations, Bane NOR unfortunately has, with immediate effect, to cancel the competition that applies for the turnkey contract “KS-2 Tangenvika railway bridge”. A decision on any new announcement of the competition will at the earliest be available when knowledge of the consequences for Bane NOR's project portfolio is established concerning this extraordinary situation.

In addition, this information also apply to the announced project KSÅ-5 Engineering Contract and the planned project KS-1 The Hestnes Tunnel.

We thank you for your interest and participation in the competition and welcome you back as stakeholders in Bane NOR's projects at a later stage.


This is the procurements that are cancelled:

KS-1 The Hestnes Tunnel

Contract notice Q1 2020
Notice in Doffin
Notice in TED

  • Contract signing February 2021
  • Commencing April 2021

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KS-2 Tangenvika Railway Bridge

Bane NOR invites contractors to apply for pre-qualification in the tender competition for EPC contract for Tangenvika railway bridge. Due date for application is the 3rd of January 2020, at 12:00.

Notice in Doffin
Notice in TED

  • Contract signing December 2020
  • Commencing March 2021

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KSÅ-5 Engineering Contract

September 2019
Please find Bane NOR's invitation on TED to pre-qualify to tender for the new engineering contract for Kleverud-Sørli-Åkersvika. Bane NOR has set up a data vault with the existing engineering for the project is made available. This is done to give tenderers a better basis and to balance out any benefit that the current engineering suppliers to the project might have.

The competition will not give tenderers the option to tender for parts of the contract, even if company considered this at an earlier stage. Bane NOR consider that the option will give too great a risk and downside both for the marked as well as for the tender process compared to the benefits it may have given.

August 2019
The project Kleverud-Sørli-Åkersvika will initiate the competition for a new engineering contract. The contract will in general terms include:

  • Assistance to development of invitation to tender for railway technical contracts (construction contracts according to NS-8405) and civil contracts for the open landscape (EPC-contracts, NTK-15).
  • Reinforce company’s organisation with technical personnel for follow-up during the construction phase.
  • Assistance with DFO and final documentation for the project.
  • The work will be performed in close contact with company, as part of an integrated team. This means large extent of co-location with company.
  • Detailed design for railway signal will be performed by another contract.

The contract is planned as a frame agreement that may be extended with options and can last the entire project for Kleverud-Sørli-Åkersvika. The total volume, if all options are exercised, is estimated to 100-300 million NOK. Company consider the possibility to bid for parts of the contract, either the railway technical, the civil part or both.

More information about the contract strategy and the contracts will be published shortly.

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Project Manager
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