What's happening - where and when?  December 2018

More than 70% of the entire Follo Line Project is now completed. Several major milestones have been reached in 2018. There is still a lot of work to be done, and Bane NOR and the contractors look forward to important progress also in 2019.

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år.

The two tunnel boring machines (TBM), Queen Eufemia and Queen Ellisiv, broke through at Oslo city centre on 11 September. The boring heads, shield and main bearings of the two machines were dismantled and transported to the port of Oslo this autumn, where they will be shipped back to the factory in Germany. Some of the components of the machines will be reused, but other parts are worn out after rough drilling in the hard Norwegian rock. The TBMs, Anna from Kloppa and Magda Flåtestad, which are drilling in the southbound direction towards Ski, have only a kilometre each  to the finish.

Cross passages
Work on the cross passages is taking place in parallel to the drilling of the two separate tubes. All the cross passages in the northbound direction have been completed, and four cross passages in the direction towards Ski remain. These passages will be drilled after the tunnel boring machines have passed,  and will be fully blasted and lined in the first half of 2019.

Production of concrete will soon be complete
The production of the concrete elements to line the inside of the tunnel is in the final phase. Soon the contractor will have produced 20,000 tunnel rings at the factory in Åsland, which satisfies the total demand. When the production is completed, most of the 22,700 m2 factory building at Åsland will be used for other purposes. It will initially be used as a temporary storage site for railway technology and telecommunications.
The phase during which the railway tracks and technical equipment will be installed, is starting now.

Christmas in the tunnel
The tunnel workers will also be celebrating Christmas. Friday 21 December is the last day of production before the Christmas holidays, and production will start again on 3 January 2019. There will not be any noisy work at the construction site at Åsland or in the tunnels, only necessary maintenance and preparation for production after the new year.

What is going on inside Ekebergåsen?
The northern part of the Follo Line’s long tunnel has now passed through the mountain underneath Mosseveien, and the construction work to connect it with the 600 m long concrete tunnel (culvert) to run under the Medieval Park, has started. This work is expected to be completed in 2019.
Construction vehicles from both the Follo Line Project and the Tram Project will be using Bispegata, which will entail increased construction traffic in this area.

The project is working on clearing the floor inside the tunnel in the Ekeberg mountain, which entails hammering and blasting. Due to demanding ground conditions inside the tunnel, this work has lasted longer than expected. The work is expected to be completed in this area in early January.

In the new year, similar work will start up in the area below Kongsveien and Karlsborgveien – in the southbound direction. The work in this area is scheduled to continue until the spring of 2019.

When the tunnel inside Ekebergåsen is ready and connected to the concrete tunnel, the technical railway equipment, such as rails, sleepers and overhead contact lines will be installed. This work will not affect the neighbours who live in the area. General tunnel work at Sydhavna and inside Ekebergåsen will continue until the autumn of 2019.

Medieval Park, Bispegata and Oslo Central Station
The work at the Medieval Park, Bispegata and Oslo Central Station has been going round the clock for a long time, and this work will also continue throughout 2019.
During Christmas, there will be less noisy work, such as monitoring of pumps and heating systems, and less construction work. No work will be performed at night between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and work will stop on public holidays.

Challenging traffic situation
The traffic situation is challenging, and there will be major changes from January 2019 when the Agency for Urban Environment’s (BYM) Tram Project starts up. The traffic in Bispegata will be redirected, and BYM is working on a proposal for a new signage plan in cooperation with the Public Roads Administration and Bane NOR. Bispegata will be closed to general traffic, including taxis, and only public transport, construction vehicles and cyclists will be permitted to use Bispegata.
Construction vehicles from both the Follo Line Project and the Tram Project will be using Bispegata, which will entail increased construction traffic in this area.

Status in Ski
In Ski, more than 60% of the work has now been completed. The main work is now taking place on the west side of Ski Station and at the tunnel portal, which is located between Ski Station and Langhus Station. The plan is to open the west side of the new Ski Station in August 2019.

Large concrete structures are being erected on the west side of the station, where the concrete work on platforms 1 and 2 has been completed. A travel square and new parking spaces are also being constructed here.

At the tunnel portal, the Roås Tunnel is starting to take shape, and the area is being prepared for the arrival of the two southbound tunnel boring machines Anna fra Kloppa and Magda Flåtestad. 

In December, work will be performed on the entire section from north of Langhus Hagesenter to the south of Ski Station. Construction activity will be reduced during Christmas and then stepped up again in the new year. No work will be performed on public holidays during the Christmas season.

About the Follo Line Project
With the Follo Line Project, Bane Nor will deliver a double track between Oslo and Ski which will enable the travel time to be reduced by half. The trains will pass directly through the longest railway tunnel in the Nordic region to date, with a travel time of 11 minutes. The Østfold Line, where the local traffic will continue to operate, will also be adapted.

The new Follo Line will be 22 km long, and the project includes a modern new public transport hub in Ski.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Drilling of the long tunnel underneath densely populated areas has been completed. Bane NOR has conducted a survey of the neighbours who have been in dialogue with Bane NOR regarding tunnel work, and 84.4% of those who have responded say that they are satisfied with their dialogue with us. We very much appreciate that. All feedback is important to us, and we want to thank everyone who has participated in the survey.

Even though the drilling of the long tunnel is nearly completed, a lot of work is still to be performed in Oslo and Ski, which will at times cause inconveniences to the neighbours in these areas.

We will maintain our close follow-up and dialogue, and encourage any of you who have questions or have experienced inconveniences to contact us.

We would like to extend our thanks to our neighbours for their patience and cooperation.  We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Welcome to our Information Centre in Oslo
Close to 1,000 visitors have visited Bane NOR’s Information Centre for the Follo Line in 2018. Most come in groups and have made an appointment in advance, but the centre is open to everyone all week long, so you are most welcome to visit!

Larger groups are requested to contact us in advance at: follobanen@banenor.no.