About the project

Bane NOR is planning the construction of a new double track from Kleverud to Åkersvika in Stange municipality. The construction was originally split in two projects, Kleverud-Sørli and Sørli-Åkersvika. Due to guidelines issued by the Norwegian Parliament, the whole stretch will be constructed as one project, with the entire stretch of 29.7 km scheduled to be ready to use in 2027. This gives us the opportunity to extract synergies and get more rail for the money.

Denne artikkelen er eldre enn ett år.

Den blå streken markerer den nye traséen mellom Kleverud og Åkersvika

The line from Kleverud in the south to Åkersvika in the north will largely have a whole new route in the southern part of the municipality. We are constructing a railway tunnel of 3.1 km between Kleverud and Espa, and the route will cross the bay of Tangenvika on a 1070 km railway bridge. From there, the double track will continue across the peninsula of Tangenhalvøya, where a new station area will be constructed north-west of the current location. The new station will have side platforms for northbound and southbound trains, with passing loops in either direction in the middle.

In the northern part of the municipality the new tracks will run partly along the existing railway tracks and partly following a new route. Stange railway station will be rebuilt and will appear as new.

The double track is built for speeds of up to 250 km/h.